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31st December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Club of the Year winner

31st December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Rowing Project of the Year winner

31st December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Medal of Honour for Andy Crawford and Fiona Dennis

30th December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Medal of Merit

30th December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award regional winners

29th December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Beryl Crockford Medal winners

29th December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Coach of the Year winner

28th December 2020 British Rowing Awards: School or Junior Crew of the Year winner

28th December 2020 British Rowing Awards: University Crew of the Year winner

28th December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Club Crew of the Year winner

27th December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Volunteer of the Year and regional winners

26th December 2020 British Rowing Awards: Rising Star of the Year winner

25th December 2020 British Rowing CEO Andy Parkinson’s Christmas Message

24th December 2020 Festive special: 12 days of Christmas workout

23rd December 2020 Update: Rowing and Tier 4 Local COVID Alert Level

22nd December 2020 British Rowing reveals new Olympic coaching lineup

20th December 2020 It’s showstopper time in the Great British Rowing Team Bake Off!

19th December 2020 Rowing and Tier 4 Local COVID Alert Level

18th December 2020 British Rowing receives confirmation of funding for Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 cycle

18th December 2020 British Rowing Volunteers and Coaches of the Year Awards to be announced

18th December 2020 Stratford upon Avon Boat Club voted 2020 Parasport Club of the Year

17th December 2020 British Rowing – Christmas Office Closure 2020

16th December 2020 Rowing and Christmas bubbles

16th December 2020 Mel Chowns retires after 12 years with the GB Rowing Team

16th December 2020 Join the EnduRow Challenge to support spinal cord injury research

16th December 2020 British Rowing reveals new GB Rowing Team selection policy for Tokyo and beyond

13th December 2020 The Great British Rowing Team Bake Off gets technical!

12th December 2020 Discussions on Learnings from Five Olympic Games

11th December 2020 Take part in the Christmas Challenge

11th December 2020 Lightweight rowing in the schedule for Paris 2024

11th December 2020 Sir Steve Redgrave named greatest sportsman at SJA British Sports Awards 2020

9th December 2020 Olympic silver medallist Zoë Lee announces her retirement from rowing

8th December 2020 Clean Sport, policy and welfare updates

8th December 2020 CEO Membership Column – December 2020

7th December 2020 GB Rowing Team Men’s Squad 2k Test

6th December 2020 The Great British Rowing Team Bake Off: Bread Week

6th December 2020 That’s a wrap for BRIC Online!

5th December 2020 Look back on Day 1 of BRIC Online

4th December 2020 Missing competition? Could a private match be the solution you need?

4th December 2020 It’s time for BRIC Online!

3rd December 2020 Managing COVID-19 guidance updated

1st December 2020 Christmas Advent Calendar competitions

27th November 2020 Managing COVID-19 Version 8.1

26th November 2020 Club Emergency Fund extended to cover Lockdown 3

26th November 2020 Take part in research about rowing and mindfulness

26th November 2020 GB’s Ellie Piggott retires from international rowing

24th November 2020 Rowers’ Lockdown Challenge Week 3

24th November 2020 Rowing for Research with Alzheimer’s Research UK

23rd November 2020 British Rowing Statement

20th November 2020 Restructured COVID-19 guidance for the rowing community

20th November 2020 Time’s running out to enter BRIC Online

18th November 2020 International Men’s Day: how to tell if someone needs help

18th November 2020 Rowers’ Lockdown 3-2-1 Challenge

13th November 2020 Managing COVID-19 Webinar

11th November 2020 British Rowing Statement

10th November 2020 Join our Rowers’ Lockdown Challenge series

10th November 2020 Club Welfare Officer Corner

10th November 2020 CEO Membership Column – October 2020

10th November 2020 RowSafe: 2020 updates published

6th November 2020 Discussions on diversity and being open to all

5th November 2020 Update on new national restrictions

3rd November 2020 Update on upcoming lockdown

29th October 2020 Jeremy Wilton appointed as Chair for World Rowing Coastal Championships and Beach Sprint Finals 2022

26th October 2020 Sprint Festival Cancelled

23rd October 2020 Between the Blades: Robyn Tallis

23rd October 2020 SAS hosts Sport & Business Leadership Webinar

19th October 2020 Response to BBC Panorama

16th October 2020 Return to Rowing: New UK Government Local COVID Alert Levels

16th October 2020 We’re taking the British Rowing Indoor Championships online

16th October 2020 GB rower Oonagh Cousins and Ella Barnard on ‘Long Covid’

15th October 2020 Rio Olympian Stewart Innes announces his retirement from rowing

14th October 2020 Obituary – Andy Johnson

10th October 2020 Return to Rowing Guidance progresses to Phase H

9th October 2020 Watch back the 2020 British Rowing AGM

8th October 2020 World Mental Health Day: the power of friendship

8th October 2020 SAS to continue support beyond Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

6th October 2020 CEO Membership Column – September 2020

6th October 2020 Parents in Sport Week

2nd October 2020 British Rowing Webinar – Return to Rowing: Competition Organisers

2nd October 2020 Cantabs rowing coach walks the British coastline for BBC Children in Need

1st October 2020 British Rowing Webinar – Return to Rowing: University Beginners

1st October 2020 Celebrating Black History Month

30th September 2020 Return to Rowing Guidance Version 7

29th September 2020 Annual Club Safety Audit now open

29th September 2020 Rod Chinn sets new World Record for 100km in Mens 60-69 Lightweight category

29th September 2020 Invictus Rowing Challenge: Sydney to The Hague

24th September 2020 Two ‘Return to Rowing’ webinars to be held next week

24th September 2020 Check out our rowing activities for National Fitness Day 2020!

23rd September 2020 Latest Return to Rowing Guidance

16th September 2020 Return to Rowing Guidance v6.1 Released

14th September 2020 British Rowing clarifies the effect of new Government Guidance

11th September 2020 Paralympic Champion Grace Clough MBE announces her retirement from rowing

11th September 2020 Love Rowing launches ONE Thing challenge

11th September 2020 British Rowing supports UK Coaching Week’s campaign ‘Support Your Coach’

11th September 2020 Notice of the British Rowing AGM 2020

11th September 2020 British Rowing shares concerns on Hammersmith Bridge closure

4th September 2020 The Great River Race needs your help

3rd September 2020 COVID-Secure test competition to be run on the Tyne

2nd September 2020 CEO Membership Column – August 2020

1st September 2020 Our new Safeguarding Strategy

1st September 2020 Technical spotlight: sweep rowing tips

26th August 2020 Confirmation of move to Return to Rowing Phase F

26th August 2020 250m Autumn Dash Challenge launched

26th August 2020 Workout Wednesday #19 – Rep Pyramid

25th August 2020 Pulsant extend Hosting Solutions partnership with British Rowing

21st August 2020 Jürgen Grobler speaks to BBC Breakfast

21st August 2020 One year to go until the Tokyo Paralympics: reflections on the last year

21st August 2020 Jürgen Grobler steps down as Chief Coach of the GB Rowing Team

19th August 2020 Workout Wednesday #18 – Drop Session

17th August 2020 Update on Mizuno British Rowing Indoor Championships 2020

14th August 2020 Statement on Hammersmith Bridge

13th August 2020 Confirmation of move to Return to Rowing Phase E

12th August 2020 Coronavirus Advice Clarification: Fixed Seat

12th August 2020 Workout Wednesday #17 – Full-body EMOM Workout

11th August 2020 Update on Competitions

10th August 2020 Rio 2016 Olympian Pete Lambert announces his retirement

7th August 2020 ‘It has given me deeper insight into goal-planning and setting smarter, more realistic targets’

7th August 2020 Meet the Team: Vwairé Obukohwo

7th August 2020 Returning to Major Sports Events – UK Sport survey

5th August 2020 Workout Wednesday #16 – Full body session

4th August 2020 CEO Membership Column – July 2020

4th August 2020 Clean Sport and COVID-19

3rd August 2020 Anastasia Posner steps back from international rowing

31st July 2020 Move to Return to Rowing Phase D

30th July 2020 Watch back the Return to Rowing Webinar #2

30th July 2020 Sport England Return to Play survey

30th July 2020 Mohamed Sbihi reclaims British 2km record in lockdown

29th July 2020 Workout Wednesday #15 – Pyramid Session

28th July 2020 Mizuno extend sportswear partnership with British Rowing

27th July 2020 Obituary – David Berry

27th July 2020 UK Coaching launches new toolkit and digital badge to facilitate #GreatCoaching

24th July 2020 British Rowing Olympic Memories – One Year to Go

24th July 2020 Meet the Team: Oliver Dominique

23rd July 2020 Ben Mosley’s exclusive artwork celebrates One Year to Go until Tokyo 2020

23rd July 2020 Return to rowing crew boat advice updated

23rd July 2020 British Rowing and asensei further partnership

22nd July 2020 Postponed: Return to Rowing Webinar #2

22nd July 2020 Bedford Star masters train for the 2021 Worlds

21st July 2020 Workout Wednesday #14 – Go Row Indoor EMOM

20th July 2020 Former Olympic rower launches ‘Coronathon’ to raise money for coronavirus research

17th July 2020 Updated Coronavirus Guidance

17th July 2020 Plymouth rower completes indoor challenge to commemorate Mayflower voyage

17th July 2020 2020 season comes to an end for Olympic squads

16th July 2020 Youth Olympic Games postponed from 2022 to 2026

14th July 2020 Workout Wednesday #13 – Descent Workout

10th July 2020 Rowing hand care: blister tips

10th July 2020 The GB Para-Rowing team show their skill in the Global Virtual Rowing Challenge

10th July 2020 Response to Government Statement on Sport & Recreation

8th July 2020 Workout Wednesday #12 – Two minutes on, two minutes off

7th July 2020 CEO Membership Column – June 2020

6th July 2020 Diversity and Inclusion

3rd July 2020 Meet the Team: Mat Tarrant

3rd July 2020 Paralympic and World Champion Lauren Rowles breaks world record in lockdown

3rd July 2020 Introducing British Rowing Plus

2nd July 2020 ‘It’s not about rowing or being fit – it’s about belonging’

2nd July 2020 Eight tips for better sculling

2nd July 2020 British Rowing Lockdown Webinar #22 – Coronavirus: Return to Coaching

2nd July 2020 British Rowing Lockdown Webinar #21 – “Playing your part: Getting your club back up and running safely”

30th June 2020 Workout Wednesday #11 – Circuit session

30th June 2020 British Rowing win bid to host 2022 World Rowing Coastal Championships and Beach Sprint Finals

29th June 2020 Coronavirus rowing advice 29 June – next steps

27th June 2020 RECAP: Day 2 of the British Rowing Virtual Championships

26th June 2020 RECAP: British Rowing Virtual Championships – Day 1

26th June 2020 Meet the Team: Sam Courty

26th June 2020 British Rowing partners with ROWBOTS to deliver innovative rowing classes, at home and in the gym

25th June 2020 UK Coaching Survey – your chance to take part

24th June 2020 Coronavirus rowing advice – next steps

24th June 2020 British Rowing Lockdown Webinar #20

24th June 2020 British Rowing Lockdown Webinar #19

23rd June 2020 First-ever British Rowing Virtual Championships sees fantastic number of entries

23rd June 2020 “If I was a young cyclist looking for a change of scenery, I would recommend giving rowing a try”

23rd June 2020 Workout Wednesday #10 – Tabata

23rd June 2020 Results of the online 2,000m & 500m races

22nd June 2020 National School Sport Week at Home: British Rowing backs campaign to ensure no child misses out

20th June 2020 The Invictus Games Foundation support first ever British Rowing Virtual Championships

19th June 2020 Last chance to enter the British Rowing Virtual Championships

19th June 2020 Tom George breaks GB Rowing Team 2km record in lockdown

18th June 2020 Broccoli salad with feta cheese and tomatoes

18th June 2020 All for one and one for all: crew pacing strategies over a 2km race

16th June 2020 Workout Wednesday #9 – EMOM

16th June 2020 Results of the online relay races

13th June 2020 James Cracknell breaks British indoor rowing marathon record

12th June 2020 The tight-knit crew from Pengwern Boat Club

12th June 2020 Smash your indoor rowing technique!

12th June 2020 World Class Start athletes go the distance for Blue Peter challenge

12th June 2020 Returning to Rowing Advice Version Three

12th June 2020 Return to Caversham now in sight

12th June 2020 Quinoa porridge

12th June 2020 Cross train like a champion

11th June 2020 Hereford rowers ‘travel’ to Hereford, USA and back to fundraise

11th June 2020 #ThursdayTeaser – Olympic and Paralympic multiple medallists

11th June 2020 On the frontline: providing meals for the vulnerable in Durham

11th June 2020 Obituary – Sally Lawrence

10th June 2020 British Rowing Lockdown Webinar #18

10th June 2020 We want to hear from you

9th June 2020 Results of the 2,000m online races

5th June 2020 What is British Rowing doing to become more inclusive?

5th June 2020 Meet the Team: Beccy Muzerie

5th June 2020 Return to Rowing Webinar

5th June 2020 World Environment Day – lockdown and our waterways

5th June 2020 The science behind a robust immune system and rowing performance

4th June 2020 #ThursdayTeaser – Junior Champs 2019

4th June 2020 Coronavirus Advice: Return to Rowing Version Two

3rd June 2020 British Rowing Lockdown Webinar #16

3rd June 2020 British Rowing launches search for talented young sportswriters

2nd June 2020 Results of the 1,000m online races

2nd June 2020 Governance update – June 2020

2nd June 2020 Looking back on the Row to the Moon challenge

2nd June 2020 “The DiSE modules helped me realise what I needed to include to increase my performance!”

2nd June 2020 Online quiz tips for clubs

2nd June 2020 CEO Membership Column – May 2020

2nd June 2020 Sleep routines: GB rowers give us the inside scoop

29th May 2020 Coronavirus Advice Reminders – 29 May 2020

29th May 2020 Major update to British Rowing ClubHub and membership platform to be released

29th May 2020 Steak and egg burritos

29th May 2020 Ardingly rowers celebrate 25th anniversary with training challenges

29th May 2020 Meet the Team: Henry Blois-Brooke

28th May 2020 Returning to rowing – your chance to ask questions

28th May 2020 British Rowing teams up with Blue Peter for cross-sport challenge

27th May 2020 #ThursdayTeaser – Can you name the GB Rowing Team that raced in Rio?

27th May 2020 Beef noodles

27th May 2020 Rowing the Northwest Passage in a garage!

27th May 2020 GB rowers’ success in Fantasy World Cup

26th May 2020 Training sessions in the heat

26th May 2020 Pilates series 8# on the dynamic plank

22nd May 2020 Coronavirus advice: return to rowing

22nd May 2020 Medical student rowers work on the Covid-19 frontline

22nd May 2020 GB Para-rowers train with London Youth Rowing juniors in webinar workout

22nd May 2020 Students organise lockdown regatta with 2km run open to everyone

22nd May 2020 Meet the Team: Melissa Wilson

20th May 2020 Runcorn rowers maximise their training during lockdown

19th May 2020 Winners of the 5,000m and 500m Online Races

19th May 2020 Pilates series 7# – squats and lunges

19th May 2020 Clean Sport Week: British Rowing backs UKAD’s call for additional anti-doping education

19th May 2020 British Rowing announce Row to the Moon challenge alongside other National Federations

18th May 2020 “Now more than ever, we appreciate the strong community spirit at the heart of rowing”

17th May 2020 GigRower host worldwide virtual rowing championships

15th May 2020 British Rowing Lockdown Webinar #11

15th May 2020 Phasing a Safe Return to Rowing – 15 May

15th May 2020 Meet the Team: John Collins

14th May 2020 Tuna and anchovies with Nicoise salad

14th May 2020 Wholesome fruit and nut cookies

13th May 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – 13 May

13th May 2020 First ever British Rowing Virtual Championships announced

12th May 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – 12 May

12th May 2020 Pilates series 6# on core strength

11th May 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – 11 May

8th May 2020 Teammates series #2: Sam Courty and Matilda Horn

8th May 2020 Pea, broad bean, asparagus and mint risotto

8th May 2020 Meet the Team: Rowan McKellar

7th May 2020 Rowing physique and performance

6th May 2020 British Rowing announces four nation indoor rowing challenge

5th May 2020 A tribute to Ann Sayer

5th May 2020 Pilates series 5# – the outer core muscles

5th May 2020 CEO Membership Column – April 2020

5th May 2020 Planning a safe return to rowing

4th May 2020 Do supplements have a role in rowing?

4th May 2020 Virtual regattas: tips for success

1st May 2020 GB para-rowing squad mix it up during lockdown

30th April 2020 Meet the Team: Tom Jeffery

30th April 2020 Olympic silver medallist Dr Polly Swann supporting the NHS in the fight against coronavirus

29th April 2020 The science behind training patterns for elite rowers

29th April 2020 Curlew’s online clubhouse keeps community together

29th April 2020 A statement from Thames Tradesmen’s Rowing Club

29th April 2020 Thames Tradesmen’s Twitter lockdown challenges

28th April 2020 Rowing the Atlantic from home

28th April 2020 Pilates series 4# on shoulder stability

27th April 2020 Changes to how we deliver content

24th April 2020 Cacao and nut butter porridge

24th April 2020 Rowing training: how to maximise your gains

24th April 2020 Teammates series #1: Ollie Wynne-Griffith and Tom George

24th April 2020 Meet the Team: Caragh McMurtry

21st April 2020 Pilates series 3# on improving stability

21st April 2020 Are you ready for the 2.6 challenge?

17th April 2020 Success for virtual Bewl Head

17th April 2020 Meet the Team: Harry Leask

16th April 2020 Wearable training devices – what you need to know

16th April 2020 Chicken and peanut stir-fry

16th April 2020 Raspberry milk-free smoothie

16th April 2020 The 2020 British Rowing Almanack now available

14th April 2020 Pilates series 2# on rowing machine posture

10th April 2020 Coronavirus: support available for clubs

9th April 2020 Tips for rowers: how to stay healthy during the COVID-19 lockdown

9th April 2020 Home International Regatta 2020 cancelled

9th April 2020 Meet the Team: Hattie Taylor

7th April 2020 Pilates series 1# on core strength

7th April 2020 CEO Membership Column – March 2020

3rd April 2020 Olympic Champion Tom Ransley MBE announces his retirement

3rd April 2020 Behind the scenes with the GB Rowing Team coxes

3rd April 2020 Bread and butter pudding

2nd April 2020 2 April update on coronavirus

31st March 2020 Pilates exercises for winter training

31st March 2020 Sport England’s ‘Join the Movement’ helps the nation stay active at home

27th March 2020 Keeping your club going remotely – practical advice

27th March 2020 World Champion Ellen Buttrick steps up volunteering effort

27th March 2020 Training: is it better to exercise alone or online with your clubmates?

26th March 2020 British Rowing to offer support to rowing clubs affected by coronavirus

25th March 2020 Help us support the rowing community

24th March 2020 Five exercises to support your indoor rowing

24th March 2020 Reminder: safeguarding and online tools

24th March 2020 British Rowing statement on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games

20th March 2020 20 March update on coronavirus

20th March 2020 UPDATED: Supporting businesses within the rowing community

20th March 2020 Vicarious ventures

19th March 2020 19 March update on Coronavirus

17th March 2020 17 March update on coronavirus

16th March 2020 CEO update on coronavirus (COVID-19)

14th March 2020 Olympic Trials 2020: Day Two

13th March 2020 British Rowing Awards Postponed

13th March 2020 Olympic legends support Celebrity Boat Race for Sport Relief

13th March 2020 Junior rowers prepare for Schools’ Head and Scullery

13th March 2020 Trials and Tribulations

13th March 2020 Olympic Trials 2020: Day One

12th March 2020 GB’s top rowers ready to compete for top spots at Final Olympic Trials

9th March 2020 Ellen Buttrick on the PR3 Mixed Coxed Four

9th March 2020 British Rowing Awards 2020 – shortlist announced

6th March 2020 Obituary – John Clayton

6th March 2020 Pulling together for the Women’s Eights Head of the River Race

6th March 2020 Thames rower Pauline Rayner reminisces on the Women’s Head and rowing

6th March 2020 Women’s Training Days – take your rowing further

3rd March 2020 Safeguarding and Protecting Children training

3rd March 2020 The Women’s Head: biggest female rowing race this weekend in London

3rd March 2020 CEO Membership Column – February 2020

28th February 2020 Obituary – Geoffrey Brook

28th February 2020 Handling trials: control what you can control

28th February 2020 Coxing the Tideway head races: Phelan Hill shares his top tips

28th February 2020 Rowing clubs and flooding: spotlight on Ross Rowing Club

27th February 2020 2000 young people to celebrate London Olympic Legacy at National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships 2020

25th February 2020 British Rowing Advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

24th February 2020 Lauren Rowles looks back on her journey in Para-rowing

21st February 2020 Newcastle University rowers prepare for BUCS Fours & Eights Head

21st February 2020 February March Rowing & Regatta magazine out

21st February 2020 Blades, Sweat and Tears – brand new GB Rowing Team podcast to launch on Tuesday

20th February 2020 CANCELLED: Shape rowing’s future

17th February 2020 Window open for BUCS 4s and 8s Head hosting bids

14th February 2020 British success at World Rowing Indoor Championships 2020

14th February 2020 How can you boost your immune system so you can keep rowing?

14th February 2020 Last chance to nominate a volunteer at your rowing club!

14th February 2020 Olympic silver medallist Vicky Thornley shares four great cross training activities

14th February 2020 British Rowing staff join North West clubs at inaugural conference

11th February 2020 Regional Chair’s Report highlights

7th February 2020 Medal hopes at the World Rowing Indoor Championships 2020

7th February 2020 Carla Devlin on SAS: Who Dares Wins and rowing

7th February 2020 Weathering the storm when rowing events are cancelled

7th February 2020 Rowing technique tips for tackling tail-winds

5th February 2020 Claire McIntosh appointed as new Chair of the Multi-Lane Umpiring Panel

4th February 2020 British Rowing membership cards – an update

4th February 2020 CEO Membership Column – January 2020

31st January 2020 Rowers ready to race at Hampton Head

31st January 2020 How does training in the cold affect your performance?

31st January 2020 ROWBOTS on Go Row Indoor training and the future of indoor rowing

31st January 2020 Zak Lee-Green announces his retirement from rowing

29th January 2020 New digital and broadcast platform for British sport, GB Sport Media, announced

28th January 2020 Adaptive events to feature for the first time at English Indoor Rowing Championships

27th January 2020 Seven rowing coaches selected for UK Coaching programme

24th January 2020 Revive your rowing fleet with these budget tips!

24th January 2020 Memories from the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics

24th January 2020 On-water rowing comes to Strength In Depth event

17th January 2020 Ellen Buttrick and Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne join Women’s Sport Trust UNLOCKED campaign

17th January 2020 Matt Rossiter’s 5 tips for making the most of camp

17th January 2020 British Rowing and Floating Point renew partnership for 2020

17th January 2020 Rio 2016 Olympian Will Fletcher announces his retirement from international rowing

10th January 2020 Jürgen Grobler to present award at inaugural British Rowing Awards

9th January 2020 Veganuary and rowers: can a plant diet help you perform to your best?

7th January 2020 Representing Rowing

7th January 2020 CEO Membership Column – December 2019

7th January 2020 Membership Survey results out

7th January 2020 Breaking the fast

3rd January 2020 What’s next for the GB Rowing Team in 2020?

3rd January 2020 Setting goals for 2020 with the GB Rowing Team

2nd January 2020 Obituary – John Buchan