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British Rowing and Salty Lemon Entertainment announce partnership to drive indoor rowing engagement

Salty Lemon Entertainment, the game development studio behind the virtual indoor rowing application EXR, is joining forces with British Rowing

Consultation on British Rowing Senior Championships: How to get involved

Athletes, coxes, coaches, umpires, competition organisers and volunteers are invited to a webinar on Sunday, 25 June, with follow-up survey, and to email their views

European Champions back racing at World Rowing Cup II

57 Athletes across 18 boats have been selected to represent the GB Rowing Team at the World Rowing Cup II in Varese, Italy from 16-18 June

“You can go at your own pace but never get left behind”

Susan Hodgson and charity Silverfit’s inclusive indoor rowing classes create a welcoming environment at Kingston RC

The Secret Umpire: Safety and fairness

Understanding the umpire's role

Learn more about how umpires apply the Rules of Racing in this article on how 'interference' doesn't need to involve contact between crews

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Recap on the Road to Tokyo 2020
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