Clean Sport for Indoor Rowers

Together we can keep indoor rowing clean and fair for everyone

“Anyone choosing to take doping as a short cut is not only creating a false reality of themselves but denying other athletes who put in honest hard work, dedication and personal sacrifice”

Justine Reston –  three-time British and four-time World Indoor Rowing Champion

British Rowing work with UK Anti-Doping and World Rowing to provide information and education for rowers of all ages, levels, and disciplines. This includes indoor rowers and indoor rowing instructors as well as anyone with a role in supporting someone to take part in indoor rowing.

Check out our Clean Sport page for more information.

Anyone who takes part in competitions and challenges organised or recognised by British Rowing, should be aware of and understand their responsibilities in relation to clean sport. This includes ensuring they are not taking, using or encouraging the use of anything which is prohibited in sport.

The use of performance-enhancing drugs and other doping behaviour is cheating, and severely damages the legitimacy of sport and undermines the integrity of clean indoor rowers.

iRowClean Education

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As part of their anti-doping programmes, UK Anti-Doping and World Rowing carry out testing on rowers throughout the year. This could happen at any time, anywhere, at random or based on information that has been passed on, which is why we encourage you to read about clean sport and what it means for you, learn through our free online modules, or attend a clean sport webinar!

We have further comprehensive information on our Clean Sport webpage, and this includes what the anti-doping rule violations are, our supplements policy, information about testing and most importantly how you can remain clean by checking all medications and supplements:

iRowClean Digital Poster for your club or gym!

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iRowClean Poster with a rowing machine. The Text says you are responsible for what goes into your body. The presence of prohibited substances is considered cheating, regardless of how it got there, even if you didn't intend to cheat. Togerther we can keep rowing clean and fair for everyone. British Rowing has information and education to help you. Check it before you use it, medications supplements Contact UK Anti-Doping Speak out about cheating. No matter how small the information may be,

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UK Anti-Doping

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