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RACE Membership


For rowers and coxes who race in affiliated competition. As a RACE member, in addition to the standard membership benefits, your membership card will double up as your race licence allowing you to enter British Rowing affiliated competitions across the country. You’ll get British Rowing’s specialist rowing insurance, and you’ll also be able to view your SAS Ranking Points Index and racing history online, helping you keep tabs on your performance.

Adult RACE membership £60.00/year Join Now
Junior RACE membership £30.00/year Join Now
Student RACE membership £39.00/year Join Now
Adaptive RACE membership £30.00/year Join Now

If you live outside England or Wales and plan to visit to enter British Rowing competitions, you’ll need a race licence but you won’t be eligible for other benefits of membership. You will also need your own insurance when competing in British Rowing affiliated competitions.

Scottish & Overseas RACE membership £10.00/year Join Now

ROW Membership


Our ROW membership is for those who want to be part of a passionate and active community and who row for the love of the sport. Our ROW members are coastal and gig racers, recreational and indoor rowers, who share the same passion for rowing.

You won’t be able to enter our affiliated competitions but will be able to enter a small number of recreational events, known as primary events. You’ll also get British Rowing’s specialist rowing insurance.

ROW membership £32.50/year Join Now

COACH Membership


Our COACH membership is specifically designed for qualified rowing coaches. Our COACH members are experienced in their field, passionate about supporting their rowers and clubs, and dedicated to providing the best quality of coaching.

You’ll benefit from being covered by our specialist personal accident and third-party liability insurance, and an extra level of cover in the form of professional indemnity insurance, providing cover for incidents arising from advice that COACH members provide as a coach or educator.

COACH membership £32.50/year Join Now

SUPPORT Membership


If you’re actively involved in rowing, whether as an umpire, volunteer coach, event organiser or club committee member, British Rowing SUPPORT membership will help you up to date with the latest from around the rowing community. You’ll also get British Rowing’s specialist rowing insurance.

SUPPORT Volunteer membership £32.50/year Join Now
SUPPORT Umpire membership £32.50/year Join Now

INDOOR subscription


Be part of a global community and improve your training and stats on the indoor rowing machine. Get training programmes developed and designed with input from the GB Rowing Team and expert tips and guidance around nutrition, cross training and lots more. Our INDOOR subscription offers a one-stop shop for all British Rowing’s Go Row Indoor workout videos, training plans and access to an extensive library of content about the sport of rowing, all on British Rowing Plus.

INDOOR subscription – pay annual £32.50/year Join Now
INDOOR subscription – pay monthly £2.99/month Join Now
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Benefits of British Rowing mambership

We’ll keep you up to date and inspired

As a member, you’ll have access to British Rowing Plus which features content from some of the top rowing contributors including expert coaching and training advice plus all the latest news, as well as kit and gear reviews. You’ll also receive a regular email newsletter and access to a wealth of content across our digital channels.

You’ll also have access to our online learning platform, RowHow, with a range of online training and guidance alongside online resources to support any training courses you attend.

Member Comms

Watching your back if something does go wrong

All members are covered by personal accident insurance, which provides benefits to you if you’re injured whilst taking part in rowing or rowing related activities, plus third party liability insurance, which protects you if you’re held responsible for causing an injury to someone else or their property. If you’re a COACH member, you’ll also receive an extra level of cover in the form of professional indemnity insurance, providing cover for incidents arising from advice that COACH members provide as a coach.

Our membership insurance is arranged by Howden – the UK’s largest independent insurance brokers.

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