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Frequently asked questions on British Rowing Membership

General Questions

Which membership type is right for me?

If you are not sure of the most relevant membership type for you, then head to our ‘Membership Type Guidance’ page.

You can answer a few questions and we will provide our recommendation for you.

Can I change my username?

Yes. Your username defaults to your email address when you first join.

However this can be changed, but it must a unique username and not already in use by another member.

Do I need to provide a new photo for my membership card?

Yes. When you renew your membership you will be asked to upload a recent photo of yourself, as these will be printed directly on your membership card before we post it to you.

The photo must be:

  • A close-up showing your full head, centred in the middle of the photo, facing forward
  • Clear and in focus
  • Contain no other people
  • Be in clear contrast to the background

Can I order a new membership card, even if I am not due for renewal?

Yes. You can order a new membership card under the ‘Member Details’ tab. If you select ‘Extras’ then you can purchase a replacement card for £5.00, including postage and packing.

Will my membership number remain the same?

Yes. The last seven digits of your current membership number will remain the same.

This means that your unique membership number will always be the same and will not change each time that you renew.

The only thing that has changed is that we have removed the year, month and membership type from the first part of the membership number.

Does every user have to input an email address?

Yes. All users are required to enter an email address when signing up. Your default username is then the same as your email address, but can be changed.

You can then login and if you have opted into our bespoke communications, you will benefit from receiving our emails.

How can I manage my opt-ins?

You can manage these by logging into your account and clicking on the ’email comms’ tab.

From here you will able to review the opt-ins you have selected.

Why haven't I received my membership / racing licence card?

We would expect you to receive your pack within three weeks from the date of renewal.

If you have not received any post from us within four  weeks from purchasing your membership then please get in touch.

We will then send a replacement membership pack out to you.

I have put my date of birth into my profile incorrectly. How do I change it?

When taking out a membership, take care to put all of your personal information in correctly.

If you have entered your date of birth incorrectly, please send us an email to [email protected] with a photo of your passport, showing the correct date of birth, along with your membership number. We can then update this for you on our system.

When can I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership up to two months before it is due to expire.

What are my payment options?

You are able to pay for your membership by card, by bank by entering your account details or by setting up a direct debit payment through your online account.

I’m under 16, why can't I create an online account?

As you are under 16, we require parental consent from a parent or guardian for approval to set up an account.

I am 18 on 1st January, what membership do I choose?

If you are purchasing your membership before you turn 18, you can select RACE – Junior.

As a Junior member, you receive a 50% discount.

I have received a membership card with the photo printed incorrectly. What should I do?

If you have received a card with your photo printed incorrectly, log in to your account and see if it matches with your profile picture on the system.

If it doesn’t then please email us with a photo of your membership card at [email protected].

Is there still the discount for over 80s?

Yes. Over 80’s still receive a £3 discount off any membership type. This will automatically be deducted when you go to pay online.

When I try to log in, it says 'User not active'. What should I do?

This often happens due to too many failed log-in attempts. Please email [email protected] and ask us to reactivate your account.


RACE Membership

Do I need to take my membership card/Race Licence with me when I race?

Yes. You should always take your membership card/Race Licence with you when you compete.

It is in our Rules of Racing (7.2.3), and not having your card could result in disqualification.

I am racing for a club that is not on my card. Is this allowed?

Yes. As long as the club you are racing for is one of the three listed on your online account, you are entitled to race.

I am at a race and have forgotten/lost my membership card. What should I do?

You should take your Race Licence with you to all races, however, if you have forgotten yours, don’t panic.

If you win a race, show your membership number via your online account, along with some photo identification. This should be sufficient proof that you hold a valid membership.

However, please be aware that competitions can refuse this, so it is worth contacting the organisers beforehand.

I’ve lost my race card. What should I do?

If you have lost your race card, please log into your online account. Under the extras tab, you can purchase a replacement card for £5.00.

If my club membership has not been approved, can I be entered into competitions through the British Rowing online entry system (BROE2)?

Yes. Providing you have a current British Rowing membership, you can be entered into competitions

As I will be competing in British Rowing and British Rowing affiliated competitions, will I be subject to doping control?

Yes. All British Rowing members are subject to the Anti-Doping Rules of UK Anti-Doping. Athletes who compete at British Rowing or British Rowing affiliated competitions may be requested to provide a sample to UK Anti-Doping or any other National Anti-Doping Organisation with authority.


ROW Membership

Can I race with a ROW membership?

No. If you want to race in British Rowing affiliated competitions, you need a RACE membership as it includes a Race Licence. If you wish to race in primary events then you can do so under this membership.

I have signed up for a ROW membership. Will I receive a card?

Yes. With all of our membership types, you will receive a personalised membership card.

As a ROW member, am I covered by insurance?

Yes. With your ROW membership, you receive specialist rowing liability and personal accident insurance.

How much does it cost to upgrade from ROW to RACE membership?

To upgrade to RACE membership it costs the difference between the two membership types. RACE – Adult costs £59.00 and therefore the difference to upgrade from ROW (£32.00) would be £27.00. This can be done at any point in the year for the same cost.

Will I receive more communications about the Gig or coastal community?

We would love to hear more stories from the Gig and coastal community so please fill out the #YourStories form in order for us to share your news more widely across the sport.

Do I need to familiarise myself with the requirements of Clean Sport, even though I do not compete?

Yes. All British Rowing members, regardless of their role in rowing, are subject to the Anti-Doping Rules of UK Anti-Doping. In order to familiarise yourself to these rules, you can use your membership to access RowHow. RowHow contains free online learning materials for all members regarding the requirements of Clean Sport and Anti-Doping. You can access the resources here.


COACH Membership

I am not a qualified coach, which membership should I choose?

The COACH membership is only available for British Rowing qualified coaches.

If you are an unqualified coach, we suggest that you choose the SUPPORT membership.

This will provide you with specialist rowing liability and personal accident insurance, on and off the water.

I have an old qualification, can I still purchase COACH membership?

Yes. We still recognise qualifications from the ARA coaching award scheme.

Who verifies the coaching qualifications and how long does this take? Will this affect when I will receive my membership card?

Our Education & Training team will verify the coaching qualifications. This usually takes 7 to 10 working days.

Once your qualifications have been verified, we will send out your membership card.

My First Aid and Safeguarding have expired, can I still take out COACH membership?

Yes. However, these will not be printed on your card as they are not current.

I have recently updated my qualifications and my credentials, can I receive a new card?

Yes. For a new card, please log into your account and click on ‘Member details’ and the tab ‘Extras’.

Here you will be able to purchase a replacement card for £5.00.

Why is my qualification set to 99 years?

Your qualification does not have an expiry date, but we need to set a date in the system so the default is set as 99 years to show that it will not expire.

Can I use my membership card as proof of my coaching qualifications?

Yes. This is an important part of COACH membership. All qualifications are verified by British Rowing before they are part of your membership profile and then printed onto your membership card.

It is therefore mandatory for members to upload a photo, as it can then be used as proof of your coaching qualifications and any relevant training.

What if I renew my credentials after I have renewed, can they still be printed on my card?

If you would like these to be added onto your membership card then you can order a replacement card for £5.00 via your online profile. This can be done by selecting the ‘Member Details’ and then the ‘Extras’ tab.

Which qualifications will be printed on my card?

Your highest recognised rowing coaching qualification will be printed on your membership card. This means if you have a Level 3 coaching qualification, then this would be printed.

The other credentials printed on your card will be if you have a current first aid certification and a current Safeguarding and Protecting Workshop.

These both last three years, so if they have expired when you renew then these will not be printed on your card.

Can I be a COACH member if I have an international coaching qualification?

Yes. British Rowing will need to verify the qualification provider, but as long as this has been approved, you will be able to become a COACH member.

What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professional Indemnity insurance provides you with cover for incidents arising from the advice you provide as a coach/coach educator.

For example, if you are coaching someone and they suffer an injury which they believe is due to your poor coaching, the policy will defend a claim brought against you. If it is proven that you have been negligent, the policy will pay the appropriate compensation.

For more information about your coaching insurance cover then head to our dedicated microsite provided by Howden here.

Can I be a COACH member and still race in British Rowing competitions?

Yes. If you purchase COACH membership and then decide that you want to race in British Rowing competitions, you can also purchase RACE membership via your member account.

Which qualifications will be printed on my card?

Your highest recognised rowing coaching qualification will be printed on your membership card. This means if you have an ‘Advanced Coach’ coaching qualification, then this would be printed. The other qualifications printed on your card will be if you have a current First Aid certification and a current Safeguarding and Protecting Workshop. These both last three years, so if they have expired when you renew then these will not be printed on your card.

What resources do British Rowing offer coaches who want to advise their Athletes on the requirements of Clean Sport and Anti-Doping?

British Rowing offers coaches a wide range of resources and tools they can use to advise their athletes. You can recommend your athletes complete British Rowing’s free online Clean Sport Awards, which are a series of interactive online learning modules and can be found here. There is also an abundance of PDF’s that can be printed off from RowHow, which can be found here.  Finally, if coaches wish to organise a Clean Sport Workshop for their club, they can click here.


SUPPORT Membership (Umpire)

Which Umpiring licence will be printed on my card?

Your highest recognised rowing umpiring licence will be printed on your membership card. This means if you have a FISA umpiring licence, then this would be printed.

Can I use my membership card as proof of my Umpiring licence?

Yes. As you will have your photo printed onto your membership card, as well as your Umpiring Licence, this can be used as identification (ID) when you attend events.


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