GB Coastal Sculling Academies

Coastal Sculling Academies identify and develop rowers with the potential to perform at international level in the Beach Sprint format


With the recent advent of the ‘Beach Sprint’ format, its inclusion in the 2026 Commonwealth Games and potential inclusion in the 2028 Olympic programme, British Rowing, Scottish Rowing and Welsh Rowing are working jointly to introduce a series of new GB Coastal Sculling Academies. These will be based at clubs/locations across Great Britain, which are recognised as suitable environments to introduce new and existing coastal or river rowers with the potential for future international representation for GB and/or Commonwealth Home Nations teams, to develop their Beach Sprint performance.

The programme aims to identify and develop rowers with the potential to perform at international level in the Beach Sprint format, and provide suitable locations for those rowers to develop their skills. The rowers making up the GB, Wales, Scotland and England teams are likely to be based across Great Britain, and therefore having a network of places they can train and develop their skills will be very important as we look to develop

Does we need to be an existing coastal sculling/beach sprints location?

There are many clubs and sites across Great Britain that would be suitable locations for a GB Coastal Sculling Academy. Not all will currently be actively involved with coastal sculling and/or beach sprints and many will be doing other forms of coastal or fixed seat rowing and/or river rowing.

This should be seen as an opportunity to provide an additional activity to the rowing already taking place at the club/location, for a specific group of individuals, rather than something which replaces the traditional activity of the club/location. Similarly, the activity could take place in a variety of environments. Whilst a beach location is helpful, the skills and training associated with rowing coastal sculling boats can be developed within a variety of different environments, including lakes, rivers and the sea.

How to apply to become a GB Coastal Rowing Academy

Any club, group of clubs or other training location based on England, Scotland or Wales can apply. To be accepted as a GB Coastal Sculling Academy the club/s will need to demonstrate they can develop an appropriate environment, facilities and coaching to support rowers with the potential to represent GB and/or Home Nations Beach Sprint Teams.

Clubs involved will be promoted as part of the wider network of Academies across Great Britain for the key role in supporting the successes of the GB, Wales, Scotland and England teams. The coaches and rowers based at each Academy will also benefit from visits and support from the coaches and other staff employed by British, Scottish and Welsh Rowing to support the development of Beach Sprints. They will also benefit from support to find ways to obtain boats and other equipment to run the activity within their Academy.

Clubs, groups of club, or other organisations/training locations interested in becoming a GB Coastal Sculling Academy should contact [email protected]. Applications will be assessed through a panel made up of representatives from British Rowing, Welsh Rowing and Scottish Rowing.


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