Rowing and Christmas bubbles

British Rowing encourages rowers to be considerate of their clubmates this Christmas particularly during and after forming a ‘Christmas bubble’


This Christmas will be an unusual one, to say the least. With the Government adapting their restrictions to allow for families and friends to get together for a limited time, it is important that we are considerate of each other as a rowing community. We have added additional guidance to our Managing COVID-19 guidance (to version 8.3) to help explain how these Christmas bubbles should be taken into consideration for rowing. The full text of the addition is included below.

As we come up to the end of the year, thank you to the many volunteers across the country who have kept their rowing clubs safe and connected. During this holiday period, please can we also remind everyone to think about those in and around our rowing community who might be alone this Christmas and finding the period difficult. The charity Mind, in partnership with Believe Perform, has produced a series of helpful resources in relation to mental health in sport which may be useful. The rowing family has done a great job of looking after each other this year and so we’re sure this will continue into 2021.


Christmas bubbles

During the period between 23 December to 27 December, specific changes to the COVID-19 restrictions will be in place to allow households to combine to form a Christmas bubble. We would advise clubs and members to be considerate to their fellow club members during this period and after you have ended your Christmas bubble.

Before forming your Christmas bubble: UK Government guidance suggests that you should reduce unnecessary contact with people outside your household for the two weeks before you form your Christmas bubble. During this period, based on your personal circumstances, you may wish to consider restricting your rowing activity accordingly (e.g. not rowing in crews with other households).

During your Christmas bubble: if you attend the rowing club, we would recommend you still treat your Christmas bubble as if it is separate households.

After your Christmas bubble: Government guidance suggests that you should reduce contact with people outside your bubble for the two weeks after you last meet with your Christmas bubble. During this period, you should consider restricting your rowing activity to your own household only (i.e. not rowing in crews with other households).

For more information on Christmas bubbles please see: Making a Christmas bubble

Please note that regulations relating to Christmas bubbles may vary between England, Scotland and Wales.



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