Indoor Rowing

Workout Wednesday #19 – Rep Pyramid

Update on Mizuno British Rowing Indoor Championships 2020

Workout Wednesday #15 – Pyramid Session

Workout Wednesday #18 – Drop Session

This week’s workout consists of five rounds, with the first round involving five different exercises and each subsequent round dropping one additional exercise each time. Go Row Indoor instructor Clare is on hand to take you through it, so give it a try and let us know how you get on!

Workout Wednesday #16 – Full body session

This week’s workout involves four sets of simple, bodyweight exercises – no equipment needed. Give it a try at home and let us know how you get on or things you’d like to see in future in the YouTube comments!

British Rowing and asensei further partnership

Today, asensei and British Rowing take the next step in their partnership with the launch of their first interactive program in the asensei Connected Coaching app — Master the Basics. As of today, all UK asensei customers will also receive a complimentary British Rowing Indoor Rowing Subscription

Plymouth rower completes indoor challenge to commemorate Mayflower voyage

Mayflower Offshore rower, Craig Chaulk, rowed 3,150 miles to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the historic Mayflower voyage to America


Workout Wednesday #13 – Descent Workout

Go Row Indoor instructor Clare is back with another Workout Wednesday – this time, working through some tough intervals with a descending number of reps and rowing distances

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Workout Wednesday #12 – Two minutes on, two minutes off

Join Clare for another Workout Wednesday, this time tackling a two minutes on, two minutes off circuit using the rowing machine

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Workout Wednesday #11 – Circuit session

Join Clare for another Workout Wednesday, this time tackling a short, sharp circuit that can be completed at home with no equipment required

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RECAP: Day 2 of the British Rowing Virtual Championships

A packed schedule, captivating racing and some stand-out performances brought the first-ever British Rowing Virtual Championships to a close earlier today

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RECAP: British Rowing Virtual Championships – Day 1

Look back on Day 1 of the inaugural British Rowing Virtual Championships as the GB Rowing Team’s Lauren Rowles beats her own world record.

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First-ever British Rowing Virtual Championships sees fantastic number of entries

The inaugural event will take place this weekend and will be livestreamed on the British Rowing website

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