Setting goals for 2020 with the GB Rowing Team

The start of the new decade is a perfect time to think about setting yourself some goals for yourself for the next year, whether they be personal, for work or rowing


John Collins and Graeme Thomas. Credit Nick Middleton

We asked some members of the GB Rowing Team for advice on how to set and achieve challenging goals:

Lauren Rowles @itslaurenrowles

“Always have a big goal to strive for that you think might not be achievable and also have a realistic goal as well that still gives you a sense of achievement. Have things that you watch to remind you  – I’ll watch my Worlds race for this year and think about how I felt in that moment – if I make the sacrifices now I’ll feel like that again.”

James Fox  @hashtag_fox

“Try and hold yourself accountable – set a goal with a friend to make sure you stick to it.”

Jo Wratten @jowrat

“I’m a big believer in setting goals all year round, not just in January. They can be as big or as small as you want.”

Moe Sbihi @moesbihi

“My advice would be to make your goals challenging but obtainable, write them down and choose whether you want to make them public or private.”

Holly Norton @hollynortongb

“I set a big goal and then work backwards to break it down into smaller achievable parts. It’s good to set goals in different areas of your life (outside of just rowing) so that you can still progress and keep momentum. Goals are all about gaining and keeping momentum; even if you don’t achieve a particular one that momentum never fully stops.”

Ellen Buttrick @ellenbuttrick

“Visualisation is really important. Try putting your goal on your phone screen so you have it with you every day – or write down what you’re grateful for once a day.”

Vicky Thornley @vickythornleygb

“Having day to day goals is important to keep you in the present and focused on the task at hand. The end goal can seem big and far away but the daily goals make it more achievable.”

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