We want to hear from you

A week ago, we challenged ourselves and our rowing community to stand together against racism. Today we are inviting you to share your experiences


Over the past week we have been very pleased to see lots of discussions on social media about race and inclusion taking place within the rowing community. It has been particularly interesting to read some of the experiences, both positive and negative, that rowers have experienced. Thank you to those who have already taken the time to share these with us.

We have rightly been challenged that just posting a video on social media doesn’t change anything, so what are we going to do? We have a number of ongoing projects aimed at increasing our diversity and inclusivity, however, like the rest of society, now feels the right time to ask ourselves: ‘what more can we do?’.

We need to ask ourselves some challenging questions about what we do well and what we don’t do well, and the first step to building our understanding in this area is to listen. For that reason, we are asking you to get in touch with us via the form below to share your experiences, opinions or ideas.

We will read all of your responses and use them to feed into a refresh of our diversity and inclusion strategy. We may also follow up with some of you with invitations to join more discussions or take part in future communications activity.