Managing COVID-19 Version 8.1

With the end of the lockdown in sight, we’ve updated our guidance for the rowing community on managing COVID-19 to help plan for the new tiers that come in effect 2 December


The UK Government this week announced their plans for how local restrictions will be managed after the end of the lockdown on 2 December. The guidance currently allows for on-water rowing in crew boats to continue in all tiers and as clubs prepare to welcome members back to the water, we’ve updated our guidance to set out what each tier means for rowing, given the information published to date.

Please note: each update from the last version is highlighted in yellow and there is a full list of changes at the end of the document

At the moment we are currently seeking clarification on a number of specific questions related to sport including travel restrictions so please bear in mind that there may be further updates to the guidance before the new tiers officially come into effect at 00.01 on 2 December. However, in the interests of giving clubs as much time as possible to prepare, our new guidance, based on the information available to date, is available below.

With clubs being closed during the lockdown, the guidance also contains useful checklists and guidance for reopening the various facilities.


What to do if you have questions?

If you are…

  • an individual member – you should contact your club in the first instance to understand their COVID-Secure protocols.
  • a club (including a school or university boat club) – please contact our Club Support team via [email protected]
  • an event or competition – please contact our competitions team via [email protected]

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