Rowing and Tier 4 Local COVID Alert Level

Following this afternoon’s announcement by the UK Government and the initial information available about the new Tier 4 – we have set out how we advise this is managed by the rowing community


This afternoon, the Government announced a new Tier 4 Local COVID Alert Level due to come into effect in a number of areas from midnight tonight (19 December). Whilst there will inevitably be areas of detail that require clarification, based on the information that is available to date, British Rowing advises that the following framework should be applied to rowing in Tier 4 areas.

Club Sporting FacilitiesRowing Level 4Minimum facilities to allow COVID-Secure boating only
Hospitality FacilitiesRowing Level 4COVID-Secure takeaway services only
On-Water ActivityRowing Level 4Single household crews* for personal exercise only
Indoor Club ActivityRowing Level 5No indoor club activity
CompetitionRowing Level 5No competition
Club Sporting Facilities
Rowing Level 4
Minimum facilities to allow COVID-Secure boating only
Hospitality Facilities
Rowing Level 4
COVID-Secure takeaway services only
On-Water Activity
Rowing Level 4
Single household crews* for personal exercise only
Indoor Club Activity
Rowing Level 5
No indoor club activity
Rowing Level 5
No competition

* Single household crews means singles or crew boats made up of a single household or Support bubble.

Travel Restrictions: There are additional restrictions on travel for those living in or clubs based in Tier 4 areas – rowers should not travel into or out of a tier 4 area for rowing purposes.

Juniors & Adaptive Rowing: There is an exemption that allows for junior and adaptive rowing to continue outdoor organised sport in Tier 4 areas. At this stage, we believe this allows for juniors and people with a disability to continue to row in crew boats (i.e. from mixed households) and take part in group activities.

It is important to reiterate that clubs should complete a risk assessment based on their own particular environment and this may mean they choose to limit rowing further than the advice above. We would ask club members to be understanding of this situation and support the volunteers working to keep their clubs operating safely.

The information available at this stage is limited given how quickly the situation is moving. We will continue to provide any additional clarifications we are able to and plan to issue an updated version of our Managing COVID-19 guidance when the full implications of Tier 4 for sport are available from the Government.