The Invictus Games Foundation support first ever British Rowing Virtual Championships

International wounded, injured and sick Service personnel are joining the upcoming first-ever British Rowing Virtual Championships, under a We Are Invictus banner


The Championships in nature are of a broadly similar format to the way in which the Indoor Rowing competition is currently organised at the Invictus Games, and with the Invictus Games The Hague rescheduling to 2021, the British Rowing Virtual Championships provides an excellent opportunity for keen competitors to continue their preparations as part of their recovery journey.

David Wiseman, Grants and Programme Director at the Invictus Games Foundation, said: “With the rescheduling of this year’s Invictus Games to next year, there was a big gap in how the competitors could continue to utilise the power of sport in their recovery. On top of that, we’ve got the incredible physical and mental challenge of coping with covid19, and the effects of isolation. At the Invictus Games Foundation, we’ve been looking into how active esports can play a role in bringing the Invictus Community together, and we’re so pleased to be supporting these Virtual Championships as a part of that.”

So far, nine nations are represented by Invictus Games competitors, with 25 competitors registering under the Invictus Games Foundation banner. If you are serving or veteran, and have been wounded, injured or fallen ill during or as a consequence of Service, and would like to take part in the competition also, then sign up and register your interest via the We Are Invictus app for an access code by 7am on the 22nd June.

For international members of the wounded, injured or sick Service personnel community who can’t make the Championships, more rowing challenges will be announced soon by the Foundation.

For full information on the British Rowing Virtual Championships, click here.