Why not train as a coach? Four coaches explain why they took to teaching

British Rowing runs a range of training courses for people to qualify as a rowing coach – we asked four people why they got into coaching


Photo - Gerard Brown

British Rowing runs a range different coaching courses every year to develop coaching talent. We asked four coaches how they were inspired by doing a course

Rebecca (Hollowell Scullers) completed the Rowing Leader in April, 2016
“I wanted to give back to the coaches at my club and ease their load. The course taught me how to plan a session and deliver it with knowledge and enthusiasm.

“It has given me more confidence in communicating with other rowers so that they have clear instructions. This has also helped in creating a positive rapport with opportunities for mutual feedback.

“The Rowing Leader course gives you the ability to help other people and it also allows you to improve your own rowing with the skills and techniques you learn.”

Emily (Royal Holloway Boat Club) completed the Session Coach in April, 2017
“I decided to become a session coach so I would be better qualified to teach the newer members at our rowing club, Royal Holloway, University of London. I’m particularly keen on coaching women as I’ve seen the impact the sport can have on women; it builds confidence, strength and team work, regardless of age, fitness or ability.

“I loved the course! It was a lot more intensive than I thought it was going to be, but the content was explained expertly by my tutor Jim, who was so knowledgeable and patient with all my questions.

“I’ve learnt so much: from tailoring sessions to individual needs, to perfecting technique and performing rigorous pre-outing safety checks and risk assessments.

“My favourite part was learning how to select drills to improve aspects of technique. This is a vital skill in fixing mistakes before they become bad habits. The course has given me the confidence to plan short 1-2-1 sessions, as well as demonstrating how to stay safe on the water.

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to support the existing coaching staff at their club, gain an extra qualification or who wants to see whether coaching is for them.”

“The Rowing Leader course gives you the ability to help other people and it also allows you to improve your own rowing with the skills and techniques you learn”

Gabor (Lea RC) completed the Level 2 Club Coach in September, 2015
“The Club Coach award gave me a clear structure of how I should plan a session beforehand, implement the athlete-focused approach and reflect on my coaching regularly to continue to grow as a coach.

“When I completed the course I started working with school groups at Lea RC and also with London Youth Rowing as a session coach. As a result of the course, I was able to structure the sessions according to the participants’ needs and enable them to fulfil their aims in the sport.

“The course was also a good opportunity to broaden my networks by sharing experiences with other coaches from a variety of clubs. It’s a great way to build and consolidate your knowledge, regardless of how much coaching experience you have already.”

Carol (Walton RC) completed the Level 3 Senior Club Coach in November, 2011
“Completing the Level 3 course was an extremely valuable experience which really helped give me the extra confidence to explore a range of ideas and opportunities with individual students and crews.

“It was as much about the unscripted sessions, where you can share concepts and ideas with other like-minded souls as the actual face-to-face tutor time.

“What did it give me? A strong framework to hang ideas from and the desire to get granular and understand how to motivate rowers and optimise the resources available. Plus, not being afraid to consistently question as I seek out those marginal gains!”

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