Clean Sport Awards

For members who cannot attend a Clean Sport Workshop, but wish to carry out online learning to increase their Clean Sport Knowledge


British Rowing delivers free, online learning for Clean Sport, which is both interactive and informative covering the UK Anti-Doping Clean Sport Curriculum. The objective of the Clean Sport Awards is to enable free and accessible information for British Rowing members that will equip them with the tools to protect themselves and others from the risks of doping.

What are the Clean Sport Awards?

The Clean Sport Awards contain six topics based on UK Anti-Doping’s Clean Sport Curriculum covering:

  • Governance
  • Anti-Doping Rule Violations
  • The Testing Process
  • Medications in Sport
  • Supplements in Sport
  • Reporting Doping in Sport.

Each Award consists of reading, a test quiz, and then a final quiz. Upon successful completion, you can then download a certificate that module!

Who is it for?

The Clean Sport Awards are for anyone involved in British Rowing, including athletes of all ages, performance levels and disciplines, as well as officials, coaches and parents of junior athletes. The information provided is relevant to anyone, regardless of what role they have in rowing.

Where can I find the Clean Sport Awards?

The Clean Sport Awards are a free online resource which is accessible via RowHow ( If you are a British Rowing member, you can use your membership details to log in and access them, as well as download your personalised certificates. From the home page in RowHow go to the ‘Online Leaning’ button and Select ‘Clean Sport’ and then ‘Clean Sport Awards’, or click here for a direct link.

What if I’m not a member?

If you are not a British Rowing member, you can still access the Clean Sport Awards on RowHow through a ‘Guest Membership’. To do so, please follow the instructions below;

  1. Select the ‘Go Rowing’ tab on our website and under the ‘Membership’ column, select ‘Join British Rowing’
  2. Once you have redirected to our ClubHub page, select ‘New Member Sign Up’
  3. Enter in your personal details
  4. Select your communication preferences
  5. Please take a moment to examine the British Rowing’s Privacy Policy as well as the ClubHub Membership Terms of Use. To obtain a Guest Membership you will have to agree to British Rowing’s Terms and Conditions.
  6. Once your membership has been created, please visit
  7. Login in to RowHow using your newly created membership login
  8. Select the ‘Online Learning’ tab
  9. Select the ‘Clean Sport’ section
  10. Finally select the ‘Clean Sport Awards’


We hope you enjoy the Clean Sport Awards and if you would like to contact us for support, or to send us feedback you can email: [email protected]

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