Changes to British Rowing’s governance arrangements

Changes have been made to make sure we are set up to comply with the UK government’s ‘Code for Sports Governance’


British Rowing has made some changes to our governance arrangements to make sure the way we are set up complies with the UK government’s ‘Code for Sports Governance’.

Some of the important changes that were agreed at the last Council meeting and Annual General Meeting in October 2017 are:

  • Our Council was replaced by an elected body of Regional Representatives who will continue to be elected by the affiliated clubs and competitions in their regions.  In line with the Code they may now serve three terms of office, each term being three years.
  • The new Regional Chairs’ Forum has been formally constituted and meets three times a year (or as often as it chooses) with the Board’s Chair and Deputy Chair.
  • The Annual General Meeting continues to be attended by the Board, Regional Representatives and Affiliated Members (clubs & competitions) but only the Regional Representatives and not the Board, will have voting rights.
  • Of the twelve Board Directors four are now to be elected by the sport at the AGM, namely the Deputy Chair, Chair of the Sport Committee and two Nominated Directors. Directors appointed by the sport have had their terms of office extended to four years.

More about the Directors here.

Following the changes to the Articles of Association agreed in October 2017 some key governance documents have been reviewed and updated.  These include:

For more information about British Rowing’s governance arrangements, click here.