Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures

British Rowing is responsible for the management of disciplinary cases within the sport

The purpose of British Rowing’s Disciplinary and Grievance regulations and procedures are to provide consistent guidance across the sport for handling disciplinary and grievance cases to ensure they are dealt with at an appropriate level in a fair, effective and timely manner.

Individual members who join British Rowing are expected to adhere to British Rowing’s Regulations and codes of Ethics & Behaviours as well as adhering to their own club’s rules and codes of conduct.  Competitive members are also required to adhere to British Rowing’s Rules of Racing when taking part in affiliated events.

Clubs and competitions affiliated to British Rowing are required to adhere to British Rowing’s Disciplinary & Grievance regulations and conduct disciplinary and grievance cases in a manner that is materially consistent with British Rowing guidance.

Disciplinary & Grievance Regulations

Submitting a Grievance

Anyone wishing to submit a grievance to British Rowing should read the guidance notes below and complete the grievance form as directed, with any relevant documentation.

Submitting an Appeal

Dispute Guidance for Clubs and Regions

British Rowing has updated its guidance for registered individuals, their clubs and regions to assist in the resolution of local disputes.

In the interests of transparency from 1st July 2016, British Rowing will list below the outcomes of disciplinary and appeal committees, unless there are exceptional circumstances in which it is considered inappropriate to publish. Such outcomes will be removed once the period of sanction has expired.


Disciplinary Cases

Coach’s name: Mr. Chris Brown

Date of violation: Summer 2016

Rule violated: British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children policy

Start date of sanction: 07/03/2017

End date of sanction: 06/03/2020 (providing specified conditions are met)

Statement from British Rowing

Coach’s name: Mr. Matthew Hackett

Rule violated: British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children Guidance

Start date of sanction: 26/08/2016

End date of sanction: 25/08/2021

Statement from British Rowing

Coach’s name: Ms. Jacqueline Round

Rule violated: British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children Guidance

Start date of sanction: 16/02/2018

End date of sanction: 15/02/2021 (providing specified conditions are met)

Statement from British Rowing

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