Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

British Rowing is responsible for the management of disciplinary cases within the sport

The purpose of British Rowing’s Disciplinary and Grievance regulations and procedures are to provide consistent guidance across rowing for handling disciplinary and grievance cases to ensure they are dealt with at an appropriate level in a fair, effective and timely manner.

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Individual members who join British Rowing have agreed to adhere to British Rowing’s Regulations and Codes of Ethics & Behaviours and Conduct, as well as adhering to their own club’s rules and codes of conduct.  In addition, Race members must adhere to British Rowing’s Rules of Racing when taking part in affiliated competitions.

Clubs and competitions affiliated to British Rowing are required to adhere to British Rowing’s Disciplinary & Grievance Regulations (These can be found within sections 20 – 28 of Regulations of British Rowing which are on the Policies and Guidance webpage under ‘Rules and Regulations’) and conduct disciplinary and grievance cases in a manner that is materially consistent with British Rowing’s  Dispute Guidance (Regulations of British Rowing – Paragraph 25, and Appendix 4).

Submitting a Grievance

Anyone wishing to submit a grievance to British Rowing should follow the link to an online form below. The online Grievance Form is preceded by guidance notes which should be read in full and then the form itself will follow.

Grievance Form

Submitting an Appeal

You have the right to appeal against a decision in certain circumstances; an appeal of a regional dispute decision, a British Rowing investigating officer decision, or a Disciplinary & Grievance panel decision. The link below provides guidance to making an appeal along with an online form if you wish to make an appeal against a decision. Please note that a Notice of Appeal form must be completed and submitted to British Rowing within twenty-one (21) days of the date of the decision.

Appeal Form

Disciplinary Cases

British Rowing lists below the outcomes of disciplinary and appeal committees, unless there are exceptional circumstances in which it is considered inappropriate to publish. Such outcomes will be removed once the period of sanction has expired.

Disciplinary Cases

Name: Mr. Christopher Bailey

Rule Violated: World Rowing Anti-Doping Bye-Laws

Start Date of Sanction: 25/04/2022

End Date of Sanction: 24/04/2026

Statement from British Rowing

Name: Mr.  Alex Turnbull

Rule violated: British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy

Start date of sanction: 18/03/2022

End date of sanction: 17/03/2032

Statement from British Rowing

Name: Mr. Andrew Cook

Rule Violated: British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children Guidance

Start Date of Sanction: 05/06/2020

End Date of Sanction: 04/06/2030 (providing specified conditions are met)

Statement from British Rowing

Name: Mr. Andrew Strachan

Rule violated: World Rowing Anti-Doping Bye-Laws

Start date of sanction: 20/03/2020

End date of sanction: 19/03/2024

Statement from British Rowing

Name: Mr. Matthew Hackett

Rule violated: British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children Guidance

Start date of sanction: 26/08/2016

End date of sanction: Until the conditions of  reinstatement have been satisfied

Statement from British Rowing

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