Coupe team prepares for tomorrow’s first day

Young rowers are preparing themselves for the opening day of competition at the Coupe de la Jeunesse, a European junior rowing event, which starts tomorrow (31 July) to 1 August, 2009.

"This year I think we have our strongest team – on paper – that we’ve ever had", said GB Team Manager Richard Follett. "In particular we have some excellent ergo results compared to other years."

"Training is going well. We’re optimistic and quietly confident", he added.

GB currently hold the overall team trophy as well as the individual men’s team trophy for the Coupe de la Jeunesse. This year Follett hopes the team will be able to retain their 2008 titles, as well as adding the women’s overall trophy.

The team includes three rowers and a cox returning from last year’s squad. Both Rosie Young (Strathclyde Park RC) and Bethany Astell (St Neots), who are selected for the women’s four and the women’s eight, competed for GB in 2008 while Oliver Staite (Evesham RC) also competed at last year’s event.

Women’s eight cox Lily Van den Broeke (Headington School) also returns.

The GB team contains men’s and women’s pairs, fours, eights, single sculls, double sculls, and quadruple sculls, as well as a men’s coxed four.

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31 July-2 August 2009
Vichy, France


Fiona Gammond (Headington Sch)/
Georgia Howard-Merrill (Headington Sch)

Coach: Ryan Demaine (Headington Sch)


Bethany Astell (St Neots)/
Yasmin Tredell (Evesham RC)/
Lauren Bruce (LEH BC)/
Rosie Young (Strathclyde Park RC)

Coach: Gillian Lindsay (LEH BC)


Bethany Astell (St Neots/)
Yasmin Tredell (Evesham RC)/
Lauren Bruce (LEH BC)/
Rosie Young (Strathclyde Park RC/)
Fiona Gammond (Headington Sch/)
Georgia Howard-Merrill (Headington Sch)/
Pippa Whittaker (Henley RC)/
Kate Parrish (Dame Alice Harpur School)
Lily van den Broecke (Headington Sch)

Single Scull

Klara Weaver (Latymer Upper Sch)

Coach: Beverley Young (Latymer Upper Sch)

Double Scull

Holly Holden (City of Oxford RC)
Hannah Shimmin (Sir William Borlase Grammar)

Coach: Chris Boothroyd (Henley RC)

Quadruple Scull

Pippa Whittaker (Henley RC)
Pip Christie (Haberdashers Monmouth Sch)/
Alice Ancora (Maidenhead RC)
Hannah Waltham-Hier (Molesey BC)

Coach: Ed Green (Molesey BC)


Kate Parrish (Dame Alice Harpur Sch)



Alex Robertson (Bedford Modern School)/
William Lamb (Bedford School)

Coach: Will Suthers (Bedford School)


Francis Highton (Hampton School)/
Calum McBrierty (George Watson’s College)/
James Scott (Shrewsbury School)/
Inigo Atkin (King’s Chester)

Coach: Neasa Folan (BIRO)

Coxed Four

Morgan Hellen (Maidstone Invicta RC)/
Hugh Anderson (Rob Roy)/
Oliver Staite (Evesham RC)/
Myles Neary (Molesey BC)/
Ollie Fletcher (cox) (Eton College)

Coach: Ian Lawson (Eton College)


James Cook (Abingdon School)/
James Crumpton (Maidestone Invicta RC)/
Morgan Hellen (Maidstone Invicta)/
Hugh Anderson (Rob Roy)/
Oliver Staite (Evesham)/
Stephen Tuck (Monmouth School RC)/
Joshua Pendry (Maidstone Invicta)/
Myles Neary (Molesey BC)
Ollie Fletcher (cox) (Eton College)

Coach: Ian Lawson (Eton College)

Single Scull

Luke Moon (Leander)

Coach: Lavinia Cowell-Sheriff (Leander)

Double Scull

Thomas Chung (Peterborough)/
Matthew Bedford (Sir William Borlase Grammar)

Coach: Tom Jost (Maidenhead)

Quadruple Scull

Oliver Lee (Agecroft RC)/
James Fox (Peterborough)/
Laurence Dugdale (King’s School Ely)/
Rob Ashburner (Maidenhead RC)

Coach: Dave Currie (Sir William Borlase Grammar)


Barnaby Stentiford (Dart Totnes)


Team Manager: Richard Follett
Lead Coach: Neasa Folan
Equipment Manager: David Rachel
Asst. Driver/Coach: Tristan Mayglothling
Team Doctor: Dr Kate Strachan
Physiotherapist: Liz Arnold