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British Rowing received capital funding from Sport England as part of its Strategic Plan.

Sport England requires British Rowing to use this capital funding strategically to support clubs who can demonstrate their ability to contribute to increasing participation in a small number of key locations. These locations have been identified by British Rowing’s research as having the potential to attract and retain significant numbers of new rowers.

However, whether your club is in within one of these areas or not, British Rowing Facilities and Community Support Managers will be working alongside clubs applying to the many external funding sources, including the Sport England Grants, with a view to guiding and supporting applications, advising on leases and tenure, and a range of issues around planning and facility development.

It is therefore in the interests of each club to alert your local Community Support Manager to current facilities aspirations or needs, and ongoing developments as they occur. They will also communicate with the British Rowing Facilities staff at the appropriate time to guide the club as it moves forward.

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