British Rowing Junior Championships 2019: City of Bristol juniors share their regatta tips

Maximise your performance at the British Rowing Junior Championships this weekend with this great advice from City of Bristol Rowing Club juniors


City of Bristol juniors (c) City of Bristol RC

If you’re racing at the British Rowing Junior Championships then these 15 top tips from City of Bristol junior rowers are for you!

1 – Drink lots of chocolate milk – Arthur

2 – Wear sun cream, because no one wants to get an all-in-one burn-line – Bruno

3 – Stay off your feet between races as much as possible – Patrick

4 – The three Ps: be punctual, be prepared and be persistent – Meghan

5 – Keep rowing past the finish line – Amelie

6 – Trust in, and stick to, the race plan – Bruno

7 – Be at front stops with your blades covered before they start calling your names so that you can get off the start quickly – Sophie

8 – Stay hydrated – Blanche

9 – One stroke at a time – Maddie

10 – Relax the shoulders – Fin

11 – Remember you are rowing not just for yourself but everyone in your crew – Freya

12 – Be honest if the crew you are coxing is behind and tell them you know they can go faster – Eve

13 – Have fun; that’s what matters – Eve

14 – Eat lots of fruit before, and between, races – Kean

15 – Push your hardest at the red zone – Blanche

Good luck!

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