Competition Framework: How the Personal Ranking Index works

The new Competition Framework is fully live from April, together with a new contemporary personal ranking index (PRI) system. Here’s what you need to know about ranking points


Getting ready to race (c) Gerard Brown

The new personal ranking index (PRI) system is based on performances in both head races and regattas. The more crews you beat, then the more points you will receive.

But what do you need to know about ranking points?

1 – Points awarded reduce automatically over time so you have to keep racing and beating crews to keep your points up.

2 – Your ranking points are taken from your best eight results. Read more about this here.

3 – After five years, ranking points awarded go down to one point each. This means that your PRI will be eight points to reflect your best eight results.

4 – Ranking points have only been awarded for competitions held from September 2015 so people who have not raced since then will not have any ranking points.

5 – We’ve included in our new system the ability to apply a ranking point ‘multiplier’ to specific competitions, however, initially, all events will have equal status.

6 – Coxes will gain the same ranking points as the rest of the crew but these will not count towards the crew’s Crew Ranking Index (CRI). Coxes who row, and rowers who cox, will have a separate sweep PRI, sculling PRI and coxing PRI.

7 – We’ve got exciting plans for the future as we look to evolve the Framework to meet the needs of the rowing community. Watch this space!

For more about the new Competition Framework click here

If you have any general questions on the Competition Framework then please email [email protected]. For any ranking points queries, please use the query form within your British Rowing membership account.