Competition Framework ready to go live

In April the new Competition Framework will be fully live, providing closer and fairer racing for everyone in time for the regatta season


Action from the British Rowing Senior Championships (c) Naomi Baker

The current points system will be replaced with a more contemporary personal ranking index (PRI) system from April, based on performances in both head races and regattas. The more crews you beat – or are faster than – then the more points you will receive. Everyone will have the chance to earn points, from beginners right through to the GB Rowing Team.

British Rowing’s Competition Project Officer, Jeff Elms, has been involved with the new system, working closely with the National Competition Committee.

He said, “We’re delighted that the Competition Framework is nearly ready and available for athletes and competitive organisers to use.”

The testing process has seen many competitions involved, including the Nottingham Regatta Committee.

Entry Secretary Paul Williamson said, “The new Competition Framework has made it easier to group crews into events. Our overall observation is that it has resulted in closer racing and, importantly, the competitors are going home happy.”

He added, “BROE2 is a significant advance over what has gone before. The biggest practical advance for our events is the ability to make online refunds of entry fees. Being able to handle them in this way has really removed a lot of work for us, and is something that is greatly appreciated by competitors.”

The more crews you beat – or are faster than – then the more points you will receive

The new Competition Framework is part of an evolutionary process.

Elms said, “We want the system to work for everyone. We welcome your feedback on the Competition Framework once it is live in April. This will allow us to make any necessary adjustments on an evidence-based approach in the future.”

So what will happen in April?

All competitions will use the Competition Framework and the new rules of racing. Your British Rowing online account will be the primary record of points so your membership card won’t show your personal ranking index or any kind of points. Please make sure you have your British Rowing membership card when racing and check your ranking points index online to make sure that it is correct.

If you have any general questions on the new Competition Framework then please email [email protected] . For any ranking points queries, please use the query form within your British Rowing membership account.