Clean Sport responsibilities

As a member of British Rowing or an active participant in rowing, know your Clean Sport responsibilities


British Rowing is bound by, complies with and supports UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) Rules and the World Anti-Doping Agency 2015 Code.

This means that all members of British Rowing, and anyone who takes part in an event recognised or organised by British Rowing are bound by these rules. If you are entering a competitor into an event on their behalf, please ensure they are aware of the rules.


It is the responsibility of individuals to be aware of, and comply with, the rules.

Please take the time to read your rights and responsibilities which can be found on British Rowing’s Anti-Doping webpage and also on UK Anti-Doping’s webpage.

Anyone who competes at any level in the sport can be tested by UKAD at any time. Information about testing can be found on here and on UKAD’s website. If you are entering a competitor into an event on their behalf, please ensure they have been made aware they are additionally consenting to be tested at that event. This also applies to the participant when entering them into a competition on their behalf.

British Rowing believes in the fight against doping at all levels of the sport and will continue to work closely with UKAD to promote clean sport.

If you have any questions contact [email protected].


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