The search is on for Tokyo and beyond

The six month marker to Rio might have just passed but coaches like Katy Knowles have their eyes firmly targeted on Tokyo 2020 and beyond.


The six month marker to Rio might have just passed but coaches like Katy Knowles have their eyes firmly targeted on Tokyo 2020 and beyond.

Katy is a British Rowing development coach and, this month, will be testing at the GB Rowing Team Start centre based at Norwich Rowing Club.


“We’re looking out for people who are tall, strong, aged between 14-22 and who could have what it takes to be an Olympian”, explained Katy who will be running testing in Norwich throughout this month.

Would-be Olympians should be at least 6’2” tall for men and 5’10” for women. If successful they would be joining an already-successful programme – one which produced over 30% of GB’s medallists at London 2012, including names like Helen Glover and Mohammed Sbihi and up to 50% of recent World medallists like Charles Cousins from Cambridge.

No previous rowing experience is necessary.  The test is all about raw ability and is designed for newcomers to the sport.

Katy is looking for recruits with the right mental discipline as well as physical attributes.  Those tested do not need to be fit right now but need to show potential.

“Once novice rowers develop technique and confidence it is possible to make amazingly fast progress on a regime tailored round their needs and commitments”, said Katy.

Many of the current talent group have national medals to their names after joining the sport in the last two years, and several are involved in the GB Trials process.

And, whilst Olympic Champion Helen Glover famously “cheated” the height test by standing slightly on tiptoe when measured, it’s important that that those turning up to be tested meet the height criteria.

“Rowers need long ‘levers’  – arms and legs – to get length and power into their strokes on the water”, said Knowles.

So whether you are already in a sport and fancy trying something different or if this could be a new departure for you, then why not give the testing a go?

“We’re always looking for new rowing talent and I’m hoping we can find some future stars among the next group of applicants. People shouldn’t be shy about giving it a go”, said Katy.

The exact date, time and location of testing in mid-February will be sent to suitable candidates after they have completed online applications.

If you meet the age and height criteria, sign up for testing here or direct via .

You can also make contact Katy on [email protected]

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