Six U23 wins at Duisburg

GB Rowing’s Under 23 Squad made a strong start to the 2008 international season with six wins and seven second places at Duisbug International Regatta 16-18 May.

GB U23 winners were:


Saturday 17 May

U23 W4-
Vicky Bryant, Oxford Brookes / Lindsey Muir, Uni of London / Holly Parker, Nottingham RC / Rachael Jefferies, Oxford Brookes

U23 M2-
Joshua Davidson, Leander / Charles Burkitt, Leander

U23 M8+
Mason Durant, Newcastle Uni / Rob Stark, Durham Uni / Nathaniel Reilly O’Donnell, Uni of London / Fred Gill, Newcastle Uni / Karl Hudspith, Oxford Brookes / Chris Abraham, Oxford Brookes / Alex Holden-Smith, Oxford Brookes / Scott Durant, Oxford Brookes / Henry Fieldman, Uni of London (cox)

Sunday 18 May

U23 M4-
Will Laughton, Uni of London / Cameron Nichol, Uni of London / Dan Ritchie, Reading Uni / Mo Sbihi, Molesey BC

U23 LM1x
Bob Hewitt, Tees RC

U23 W2-
Emma Young, Univ of London / Monica Relph, Nottingham RC

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