Update on Personal Accident cover for British Rowing members

Approved Activities have been defined with examples and the scope of cover has been extended


We have been working with Marsh Sport since they became our insurance provider in March 2023 to create clearer information about the insurance cover included in your membership. Marsh has now added a British Rowing Approved Activities document, which includes scenarios in which you’re covered, to the Useful Downloads section of their British Rowing Insurance microsite.

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Personal accident cover

We are also pleased to announce that Race, Row, Coach and Umpire members now get significantly improved personal accident cover since we moved to Marsh, meaning you are more protected than before. Your personal accident cover now includes extensions such as broken bone cover, medical expenses cover, and dental and optical cover.

Additionally, cover now also extends to individuals up to 85 years old; previously only those up to the age of 80 were covered. Discover exactly what cover you receive under your membership on the Marsh microsite under ‘Personal Accident summary of cover’.

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Mental Wellbeing Counselling

At British Rowing we recognise that an accident can impact your mental health as well as causing physical injuries, for example, witnessing or suffering a serious injury during training. We are thus pleased to announce that your policy covers mental health counselling with an appropriately medically qualified practitioner, should this be recommended by your GP or a medical professional.

If this is the case, please make contact with Marsh Sport directly. There is no need for you to pay upfront as billing is made centrally by our insurers to the qualified counsellors.


Of course, we hope you never need to use these benefits and your rowing experience is safe and enjoyable, but you can row assured with the peace of mind that should you need it, we’ve got your back.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected], or if you need to make a claim on any British Rowing insurance cover please get in contact with our British Rowing dedicated claims advisor from Marsh Sport; Michaela Britten at [email protected].