GB v France J16 Match team announcement

Rowers ready to race on ‘home’ waters in Nottingham on Wednesday, 12 July


56 athletes from 15 rowing programmes have been selected to represent the GB Rowing Team for the 2023 GB v France J16 Match. The match returns to the UK this year and will take place at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham on Wednesday, 12 July 2023.

Peter Sheppard, GB Rowing Team Head Coach for the Olympic Pathway said: “The GB v France J16 Match provides all the athletes and many of the coaches with their first opportunity to race against international opposition in their club units. For the athletes it will also represent their first step as individuals on the GB pathway with the future prospect of international representation at U19 level and beyond. We are also pleased to see an increased number of female coaches from clubs and schools, on the support team for this event.”

The GB v France J16 Match is a 1500m head-to-head race between the two countries who each take it in turn to host the match. The match is the first step on British Rowing’s Olympic Performance Pathway and gives athletes the opportunity to represent their country and experience a pre-competition camp and international competition. A strength of the team selection is that a majority of the crews are made up of rowers from single rowing programmes. This promotes strong club units who have trained together and have had a good season of domestic racing.

British Rowing Umpires Heidi Hacket, Fiona Dennis and Richard Dennis will be in Nottingham to support the event.

The Great Britain crews racing are:

Men’s crews

Men’s single sculls (M1x)

Xenophon Chapman (Hereford Cathedral School BC)

Coach: Ben Wellburn (Hereford Cathedral School BC)

Men’s double sculls (M2x)

Ruben Taylor (The Windsor Boys’ School BC)
Tristan Urquhart Irvine (The Windsor Boys’ School BC)

Coach: Ben Liddell (The Windsor Boys’ School BC)

Men’s quadruple sculls (M4x)

Marcus Downie (The Windsor Boys’ School BC)
Joe Wellington (The Windsor Boys’ School BC)
Joshua Barnes (The Windsor Boys’ School BC)
Adam Elliott (The Windsor Boys’ School BC)

Coach: Ben Liddell (The Windsor Boys’ School BC)

Men’s pair (M2-)

Arthur Hamill (Tideway Scullers School)
Finlay Rhys Jones (Tideway Scullers School)

Coach: Richard Hawkins (Tideway Scullers School)

Men’s four (M4-)

Benjamin Hughes (King’s College School BC)
Felix Sitter (King’s College School BC)
Alastair Heathcote (King’s College School BC)
Massi Tondo (King’s College School BC)

Coach: Aksel Caouki (Kings College School BC)

Men’s coxed four (M4+)

Harry Bernard (Hampton School BC)
George Buckingham (Hampton School BC)
Harry Forbes (Hampton School Boat Club)
Fabien Tinsley-Roy (Hampton School BC)
Zaidan Amiji (Cox) (Hampton School BC)

Coach: Chris Lee (Hampton School BC)

Men’s eight (M8+)

George Konig (Eton College BC)
Ned Leckie (Eton College BC)
Nikolai Rybin (Eton College BC)
James Bell (Eton College BC)
Harrison Slocock (Westminster School BC)
Kennan Kesterson (Westminster School BC)
Carlo Masoni (Westminster School BC)
Oskar Grenmark-Pittaway (Westminster School BC)
Adi Timblo (Cox) (Eton College BC)

Coach: Hannah Patel (Eton College BC)

Reserve: Men’s Single scull (M1x)

Ab Farag (Grange School RC)

Women’s crews

Women’s single sculls (W1x)

Bryony Wood (Clydesdale ARC)

Coach: Iain Somerside (Clydesdale ARC)

Women’s double sculls (W2x)

Emily Nicholas (Sir William Perkins’s School BC)
Annabelle Thornton (Sir William Perkins’s School BC)

Coach: Chris Boddy (Sir William Perkins’s School BC)

Women’s quadruple sculls (W4x)

Honor Parish (Putney High School BC)
Lucy Cara (Putney High School BC)
Emily Peel (Putney High School BC)
Izabella Habdank-Toczyska (Putney High School BC)

Coach: Rachel Saunders (Putney High School BC)

Women’s pair (W2-)

Alice Woodburn (Sir William Perkins’s School BC)
Maddie MacGregor (Sir William Perkins’s School BC)

Coach: Chris Boddy (Sir William Perkins’s School BC)

Women’s four (W4-)

Eleanor Peasnell (Lady Eleanor Holles BC)
Lydia Ukrasin (Lady Eleanor Holles BC)
Lucy Pitt (Lady Eleanor Holles BC)
Holly Betteley (Lady Eleanor Holles BC)

Coach: Rachael Ball (Lady Eleanor Holles BC)

Women’s coxed four (W4+)

Lucia Kadera (Surbiton High School BC)
Emily Shaw (Surbiton High School BC)
Siobhan Starkey (Surbiton High School BC)
Paloma Crutchfield (Surbiton High School BC)
Hannah Jacobs (Cox) (Surbiton High School BC)

Coach: Tom Cannon (Surbiton High School BC)

Women’s eight (W8+)

Jemima Butterworth (Henley RC)
Martha Dickson (Henley RC)
Chloe Hughes (Henley RC)
Molly Hall (Henley RC)
Evelyn Meeks (Henley RC)
Lilian Graham (Henley RC)
Charlotte Tong (Henley RC)
Jemima Painter (Henley RC)
Ruby Pegley (Cox) (Henley RC)

Coach: Chris Boothroyd (Henley RC)

Reserve: Women’s Single scull (W1x)

Olivia Hodgson (Evesham RC)

Team Support

CD Riches – Team Manager
Yewande Adesida – Assistant Team Manager
Becs Vannozzi – Physiotherapist
Dr Ann Redgrave – Doctor
John Moon – Equipment Manager

British Rowing Umpires

Heidi Hackett
Fiona Dennis
Richard Dennis