Coaching Week 2023: Save the date! 

The theme of British Rowing Coaching Week 2023, running from 16-24 September, is ‘Redefining Success’, and will feature a range of engaging activities, which will support, challenge and celebrate coaches


What can you expect from Coaching Week?

We have a packed programme of activities, including a webinar with Olympian and author Cath Bishop, opportunities to meet and connect with coaches in your region, new content, discounts and much, much more.

Check out the full schedule on the Coaching Week page

Why does success need to be ‘redefined’?

As a leading nation at international level, we can often define success as winning medals – and consider coaches who work with winning crews as more ‘successful’ than those who don’t.

We will be using coaching week to highlight the culture of how we define success – for both coaches and athletes – in our sport, and how we can broaden it to value the work of great coaches at every level. We will look into the behaviours we expect to see from a great coach from community to Olympic podiums, and how we can recognise and celebrate great coaching at every level.

Thanks, Coach!

During the week, we will be dedicating a whole day to thanking the incredible coaches in our sport. ‘Thank You Thursday’ will highlight the impact coaches can have in the lives of anyone who gets involved in rowing, regardless of their ability or ambition. It’s your opportunity to let us know which coach you want to thank and why.

Beyond Coaching Week

We have so many exciting opportunities for coaches  that we can’t quite fit them all into coaching week itself, so we’ll be offering activities and opportunities in the following months to make sure there is something convenient for all coaches.

How to sign up for Coaching Week sessions

Sign up for Coaching Week sessions will go live in early August on the Coaching Week page.