British Rowing releases Weighing Rowers and Coxes Guidance

British Rowing has released this publication to provide best practice guidelines on weighing rowers and to give information about the potential risks of weighing rowers and coxes. After reading this document, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact British Rowing’s Safeguarding and Integrity team.


British Rowing has developed the Weighing Rowers and Coxes guidance to set out our position and provide best practice guidelines for weighing adults (seniors) or any Junior (J18 and under) on a nationally supported talent pathway* or at a Competition.

Due to the potential risks of weighing rowers and coxes, British Rowing takes the following positions:

1. Children should not be weighed unless they are on a nationally supported talent pathway. 

2. Where individuals are being weighed for valid reasons (as outlined in the guidance document)  key recommendations must be followed which include treating rowers and coxes with care, respect, and dignity.

We acknowledge the complexities surrounding the weighing of rowers and coxes and we have a duty of care to safeguard the physical and mental health of the individuals, with a heightened responsibility if the individual is a child.

Where individuals are being weighed for valid reasons (please refer to the guidance document), and appropriate policies and procedures are in place, weighing individuals can be a useful tool to contribute to tracking changes in health, growth, and aiding performance and progression. However, weighing rowers or coxes unless managed properly and sensitively can have unintended consequences such as disordered eating, anxiety and depression.

There will only be a legitimate reason for weighing a cox who is in a Competition environment for the purpose of ensuring they comply with the minimum weight as set out in the competition rules. This minimum weight is set to safeguard coxes against the pressure to lose too much weight. At competitions, appropriate safeguarding measures should be in place to safely weigh a cox or rower who is J18 and under, such as ensuring they have privacy but are not alone with an adult whilst being weighed. Further guidance can be found in British Rowing’s Safeguarding Handbooks.

We encourage all clubs, members and parents of junior members to read the guidance document, and if there are any questions please contact the Safeguarding and Integrity Team.

Download the Weighing Rowers and Coxes Guidance below.

Weighing Rowers and Coxes Guidance

*A nationally supported talent pathway is one that is delivered by British Rowing/GB Rowing Team and enables access to appropriate guidance.