Updated guidance: Rowing during the period of National Mourning

The UK Government has issued guidance that sporting activities and events may continue to take place during the period of National Mourning including on the day of the State Funeral


The guidance covers the period of National Mourning, which has already begun and will continue until the end of the day of the State Funeral on Monday, 19 September 2022.

It clarifies that there is no obligation to cancel or postpone sporting activities or events such as rowing training, regattas, heads or other competitions including indoor rowing during the National Mourning period. This is at the discretion of individual organisations.

As a mark of respect, organisations might wish to consider cancelling or postponing events or closing venues on the day of the State Funeral. They are under no obligation to do so and this is entirely at their discretion.

For rowing activities or events on the day of the State Funeral, organisations may want to adjust the event timings so they do not clash with the timings of the funeral service and associated processions. As a mark of respect, and in keeping with the tone of National Mourning, organisers may wish to hold a period of silence and/or play the National Anthem, and crew members may wish to wear black armbands or ribbons.

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