British Rowing completes UK Anti-Doping Assurance Framework

Read on for an update about the Assurance Framework which we have completed for UK Anti-Doping


British Rowing is delighted to announce its completion of the Assurance Framework, which National Governing Bodies (NGBs) must fulfil to certify to UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) they are meeting their anti-doping responsibilities.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) published its newly updated 2021 UK National Anti-Doping Policy (Policy) in April 2021, which all NGBs must be compliant with. This was the first update of the Policy since 2009.

UKAD, which is responsible for ensuring that sports bodies comply with the World Anti-Doping Code through its implementation and management of the Policy, introduced the Assurance Framework for NGBs to physically evidence their compliance with the Policy.

The introduction of the Assurance Framework is the most significant change in the 2021 Policy. It outlines a series of mandatory requirements which all NGBs must fulfil. These requirements include the creation of an education strategy and plan, the implementation of anti-doping rules and an increased involvement of the NGB’s Board with clean sport.

Upon completion of the Assurance Framework Jacqui Traynor, Anti-Doping and Integrity Manager from British Rowing said: “British Rowing has long been committed to Clean Sport and ensuring we provide education and information as widely as possible. We have valued the opportunity to demonstrate our ongoing plans to invest time and resource into ensuring rowing is clean, fair and the health and wellbeing of all our rowers is protected. We are very grateful for the support UK Anti-Doping has provided to ensure we have a high quality programme and robust standards in place to protect our sport.”

UKAD’s Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Nisha Dutt, said: “We are delighted to see British Rowing completing the new UKAD Assurance Framework. The Assurance Framework allows NGBs to demonstrate their plans to help protect the integrity of sport. Our dedicated Assurance and Education teams have been working to support British Rowing through this process. This includes the creation of a specific anti-doping education strategy, which outlines how they will embed clean sport values into their sport.

“We would like to thank British Rowing for making great strides in completing this important framework, formally demonstrating their compliance with the UK National Anti-Doping Policy and their commitment to clean sport.”

For more information on the Policy and Assurance Framework, visit the UKAD website.

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