‘It was great to be recognised by Peterborough City Rowing Club, by the Eastern Region and by British Rowing’

Nominations for the 2021 British Rowing Coach of the Year Awards are open until Monday 18 October. Why not give your coach some well-deserved recognition?


Last year, Pete Forrest from Peterborough City Rowing Club was honoured with the Club Development Award for coaching.

“It was great to be recognised by Peterborough City Rowing Club, by the Eastern Region and by British Rowing,” he reflects. “You think you are doing the right thing, but it’s good to get confirmation from your peers.”

Receiving the award also gave him a sense of worth.

“It gave me that little bit of extra confidence to keep doing what I’ve been doing for several years, but to now do more.”

As Chair of Rowing at Peterborough, he oversees all aspects of rowing and equipment for the membership from juniors, seniors and masters.

He says: “I really enjoy being a part of a rower’s progress from learn to row, through development, to their first race and for some to competing at National Champs and Henley Regattas. It’s great to see rowers having fun and enjoying themselves.”

Pete is also keen to involve everyone in the sport. Since encouraging the involvement of u3a members within the club they have become stalwart members, contributing significantly to Peterborough City.

Last year he also taught Kate Lindgren to scull. Kate is blind and Pete pioneered systems enabling him to talk directly to Kate through an earpiece during coaching sessions. Being able to participate in the sport has given Kate a new sense of freedom and independence, as well as an appreciation for the environment around her.

“There are many more volunteers and coaches in the clubs that deserve to be recognised”

Writing about her experiences on the Peterborough City RC she says: “The sound of the water running under the boat is just so pleasing and the feeling of the weather all around me makes me appreciate that life is fantastic.”

Recently, Kate was a guest on the Girl on the River podcast, sharing her experiences and love of rowing with host Patricia Carswell.

Though Pete is clearly busy with so many coaching commitments – which also include being a coach educator – he is keen to continue learning about adaptive and performance rowing. All in all, he is dedicated to helping rowers achieve success – whatever that may be.

With many passionate coaches like Pete giving their time to help others enjoy rowing, nominating someone for a British Rowing Award is the perfect way to say thank you.

Pete adds: “There are many more volunteers and coaches in the clubs that deserve to be recognised for their outstanding contribution to our sport.”

Nominate your coach!

You can nominate your coach by filling in the form here.

The British Rowing Awards are taking place in Hammersmith on Saturday 27 November.

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