British Rowing launches Committed to Inclusion Plan

The plan sets out a framework for making rowing an inclusive and diverse sport that welcomes and has an offer for everyone


British Rowing is committed to making rowing an inclusive and diverse sport that welcomes and has an offer for everyone. This commitment is at the heart of our updated National Strategy Rowing – Everyone’s Sport. We absolutely support inclusion and diversity in its broadest sense.

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Committed to Inclusion, British Rowing’s Inclusive Sport Plan, has been written to complement our Inclusive Club Guide which was published in 2018. Through a comprehensive diversity and inclusion survey undertaken early in 2021, we have listened to our members who said they wanted rowing to be more accessible and inclusive and by achieving greater diversity we will gain stronger and livelier clubs.

Committed to Inclusion sets out to support and empower everyone across British Rowing to play their part in making change happen and this is not a short-term initiative. Achieving real and sustainable change will take time but, working together, we believe we can create an inclusive and diverse sport where participants truly reflect the society in which we live.

Liz Behnke

British Rowing Board Inclusion & Diversity Champion

With the full support of the British Rowing Board and Executive Team

British Rowing has also recently updated our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy which can be downloaded from our policies section of the website.

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