British Rowing launches new School-Age Rowing Strategy

The strategy recognises the importance of school-age rowing and is the result of a comprehensive review undertaken by British Rowing with the support of the Youth Sport Trust


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British Rowing has developed a new strategy which outlines plans to support the continued development and growth of school-age rowing over the next four years.

With school-aged rowers representing 37% of British Rowing’s membership, the strategy recognises the importance of school-age rowing and is the result of a comprehensive review undertaken by British Rowing with the support of the Youth Sport Trust. It has involved extensive research and consultation with the wider rowing community, including input from private schools, state schools, rowing clubs, school-age rowing organisations, high-performance coaches and parents.


School Age Rowing Strategy

Download a copy of the School Age Rowing Strategy here.

The research undertaken as part of the development of the School-Age Rowing Strategy consistently highlights the transformational impact that rowing can have on the lives of young people but to remain relevant the rowing offer needs to evolve to reflect their motivations. Success isn’t always about winning. Having a fun and meaningful experience is more important for many people and key to long term engagement in the sport.

As a result of this, the strategy identifies five objectives that will guide British Rowing’s school-age rowing-related work. This will deliver against its overarching mission to work with existing and new school and community rowing clubs to deliver a high quality and enjoyable rowing experience for young people of all abilities and backgrounds, promoting lifelong involvement in the sport.

Michael Martin, Chair of the Junior Rowing Committee, says: “We are excited by the launch of British Rowing’s School-Age Rowing Strategy.

“It provides clear direction and is focused on key initiatives around improving the current experience and attracting new participants to the sport, which we believe are in the best interests of all those involved with school-age rowing.

“The Junior Rowing Committee is looking forward to working with British Rowing staff and the wider rowing community to implement the strategy.”

Peter Sheppard, British Rowing Chief Coach for U23s & Juniors, added: “Supporting the long-term development of school age rowers is important as it provides opportunities for them to fulfil their potential within the sport.

“Whether junior level success represents the pinnacle of an athlete’s career, or a stepping stone on a long-term athlete development programme, the School-Age Rowing Strategy aims to support all levels of participation in the sport for this key age group. The strategy, with the support of various partners, will enable clubs and schools to further develop their systems and structures to support young rowers in the sport.”

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