SAS takes naming rights to the British Rowing Ranking Points Index

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(c) Nick Middleton

SAS Analytics, British Rowing’s Official Data Analytics Partner, has taken the naming rights to the sport’s competition points system – the Ranking Points Index.

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The new Competition Framework, which was launched in April 2018 was brought in to help provide closer, fairer and more exciting racing. The development and implementation of the new Framework followed significant consultation with the rowing community starting in 2014.

An algorithm and structure for the new Competition Framework, now known as the SAS Ranking Points Index, were developed and implemented from April last year and, since then, British Rowing has been monitoring its impact.

As part of SAS and British Rowing’s on-going partnership, the world-leading data analytics provider agreed to support the analysis of the impact of the new competition framework and help British Rowing think about the way forward based on the evidence that a full season of head races and regattas provided.

As a result of this work, a technical paper has been produced with their findings and includes information on plans for how the framework can evolve for the future.

Download the technical paper here

Following today’s launch of the SAS Ranking Points Index, SAS and British Rowing will continue to work together to review and refine the framework, to ensure that it provides the opportunity for closer, fairer and more exciting racing for the whole rowing community.

Watch back the discussion and Q&A on British Rowing’s Facebook page.

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