Great Britain team for annual J16 GB v France match announced

The 2018 J16 GB v France match will take place in Vaires-sur-Marne, near Paris, on Thursday 12 July


Fifty-one junior athletes will compete for Great Britain in the annual J16 match against France, to be held in Vaires-sur-Marne, near Paris, on Thursday, 12 July.

GB regained their overall title in 2017, winning by eight points to five, giving them victory in six of the past seven events. France won last time the regatta was held on their home water in 2016.

This marks the 38th time that GB’s Juniors have faced off against their French counterparts – a fixture that has seen many rowers winning their first GB vests over the years.

The two nations will face off in 13 races, starting at 10am local time with the women’s eight.

GB team for J16 match versus France

Junior Men

Single Sculls

Trentham Boat Club

Daniel Hallsworth (Trentham BC)

Coach: Darren Barton


Double Sculls

Bo Hughes (Globe RC)

James Watson-Gandy (Globe RC)

Coach: Maurice Coughlan


Quadruple Sculls

Joe Stobbs (Claires Court School BC)

Alexander Getley (Claires Court School BC)

Leo Griffiths (Claires Court School BC)

Jake Wincomb (Claires Court School BC)

Coach Tom Jost



Ian Wingfield (Kings School Canterbury)

Thomas Wingfield (Kings School Canterbury)

Coach: Jonty Williamson


Coxless Four

Angus Stevenson (Westminster School BC)

Adam Von Bismark (Westminster School BC)

Arnav Sawhney (Westminster School BC)

James Stevenson (Westminster School BC)

Coach: CD Riches


Coxed Four

Sydney Burnand (Shiplake College BC)

Marcus Coulter (Shiplake College BC)

Rhys Ash (Shiplake College BC)

Ben Brockway (Shiplake College BC)

(Cox) Tom Wilkinson (Shiplake College BC)

Coach: Charlie Jenkins



Milo Taylor (St Paul’s School)

George Langstone-Bolt (St Paul’s School)

David Moreno (St Paul’s School)

Dom Valt (St Paul’s School)

Huckleberry Hempsall (Norwich School BC)

John Elliot(Norwich School BC)

Matthew Tremelling (Norwich School BC)

Duncan Steel (Norwich School BC)

(Cox) Oscar Mulvin (St Paul’s School)

Coach: Antony Smith


Men’s spare

Julian van Gelderen (The Windsor Boys School BC)

Junior Women


Single Sculls

Phoebe Muir (Exeter RC)

Coach: David Brookes


Double Sculls

Trudie Marks (Headington School BC)

Zakira Klico (Headington School BC)

Coach: Lucy Burgess


Quadruple Sculls

Tara Brogan (Marlow RC)

Emma Louise Stilwell (Marlow RC)

Emma Dabinett (Marlow RC)

Eve Lombardo (Marlow RC)

Coach: Enya Meadows



Eve Kitcher (Glasgow Academy)

Natalie Millers (Glasgow Academy)

Coach: Iain Somerside



Amber Harwood (Kingston RC)

Elizabeth Shelton (Kingston RC)

Hannah Medcalf (Kingston RC)

Emma Quin (Kingston RC)

Coach: Florence Griffiths



Charlotte Sanders (Surbiton High School BC)

Olivia Sutton (Surbiton High School BC)

Emily Moore (Surbiton High School BC)

Olivia Hunter Young (Surbiton High School BC)

Laura Ellington (Lea RC)

Ella Sharman (Lea RC)

Rosa Millard (Lea RC)

Molly Foxell (Lea RC)

(Cox) Lauren Russell (Surbiton High School BC)

Coach: Peter Robinson


Women’s spare

Saffron Weaver (Wycliffe College BC)