Indoor rowing tank success for Cambridge region

The Cambridge Rowing Tank offers clubs in the East of England, and beyond, the chance to hone technique in a controlled environment


The Cambridge Rowing Tank

Clubs have rowed an impressive 1.3 million metres at the Cambridge Rowing Tank since it opened last January, according to figures released by the team behind the new world class indoor rowing tank facility.

Located at Downing College Boathouse on the River Cam in Cambridge, the tank is proving popular with 45 clubs already experiencing a free induction.

Charlie Slater, Cambridge Rowing Tank Officer, said, “We’ve had a very successful start. In addition to the strong interest from Cambridge Colleges and town clubs, we’ve also had users from much further afield, as far as 65 miles away.

“The tank provides a fantastic platform for technical improvements and also for teaching the raw basics. The popularity from our wide user base has already driven us to extend opening hours to later in the evening, making it accessible to more people.”

Funded entirely by Downing College Alumni, the Cambridge Rowing Tank cost £700,000 and took two years to build. Manufactured by the Durham Boat Company, it’s the first indoor rowing tank in East Anglia and one of only a handful in the UK.

Other ideas include a special training camp package to allow schools from around the country to use the facilities

The facility comprises two 15.2m pools and can be used either for rowing or sculling. With eight video cameras and two high definition TV screens available, the tank is ideal either for total novices or for more experienced rowers, keen to perfect their technique in a controlled environment.

Additional plans include installing telemetry for every seat in the near future.

Slater said, “This will allow power curves and numerical data to be displayed on the screens at the front of the room while the rowers are training, and will provide live data about the rowers’ performance.”

Other ideas include a special training camp package to allow schools from around the country to use the facilities during the holidays while they are on training camp at the River Cam.

How to book

The tank is open to all rowing clubs and schools in Cambridge and beyond. All users are offered a free first session. After this, normal bookings can be made via the Cambridge Rowing Tank website at a cost of £40 per hour, which includes use of the video system.

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