Charles Stanley Wealth Management partners with British Rowing to support recreational rowing

Charles Stanley Wealth Management will provide eight coxed quad touring boats, blades and trailers to be split between two regions in 2018


British Rowing is delighted to announce a new three year partnership with Charles Stanley Wealth Management to support the growth and development of recreational rowing in England.

Charles Stanley has partnered with British Rowing to provide equipment for recreational rowing courses and events across the country. The provision will include a new fleet of recreational rowing boats that will be available to rowing clubs, courses and events.

Recreational rowing provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to learn to row and take part in a range of challenge, skill and touring events, using boats that are more stable than the tradition fine-shell (Olympic-style) racing boats.

This type of boat was first introduced to clubs and participants in 2011 as part of British Rowing’s Explore Rowing programme, which has since introduced over 10,000 new people to rowing. In order to support the continued growth of recreational rowing more capacity is needed to meet demand.

Two recreational rowing packages made up of four coxed quad touring boat with blades and trailers will be funded by Charles Stanley. These recreational rowing packages will then be available for use in the rowing community. The allocation of the packages will be managed by British Rowing’s Recreational Rowing Committee.

The recreational rowing packages will be delivered in 2018. One will be based in the Thames Valley and the other will be hosted in the Eastern region. The locations are aligned to the geographies in which Charles Stanley are most active.

Andy Parkinson, CEO of British Rowing, said: “We are very grateful for the support of Charles Stanley and we are delighted to be working with them. This new partnership will play an important role over the next three years in helping us to further develop and grow recreational rowing.”

Christopher Aldous, Head of Asset Management at Charles Stanley, commented: “Rowing is a fantastic recreation for young and old alike. Charles Stanley already sponsors young rowers via the National Schools Regatta so we are proud to also support rowing for people of all ages with this new sponsorship. We care about people’s financial health and this is an innovative way to promote their physical well-being too. British Rowing has already been hugely successful in introducing more people to the sport and we hope that our support with providing additional recreational rowing equipment will help make it even more accessible.”

John Turnbull, Chairman of British Rowing’s Recreational Rowing Committee, added: “This is an important partnership for British Rowing as recreational rowing presents a good growth area for the sport. The delivery of these boats will help make the sport accessible to many more people.”

This new partnership with Charles Stanley comes at a time of growth and innovation within the sport, driven by British Rowing. British Rowing continues to actively seek new partnerships across a suite of programmes and events, as well as looking for category partners and a headline sponsor.