2017 British Rowing coaching survey results

Read about the results of our 2017 coaching survey and how we’ll use the insights to support key projects


(c) Naomi Baker

The results of the 2017 British Rowing coaching survey have provided great insight into the routine and motivations of rowing coaches across the country. This is helping the National Coaching Committee and British Rowing staff to prioritise its work in supporting the development of the coaching community.

“I enjoy the coaching dynamic, helping people get out and enjoy something new and different. I get a kick out of it.”

Over 680 future, current and past rowing coaches responded to the online survey in July 2017. 35% of coaches participating in the study were female and 65% male.

The survey findings have told us that of the 544 current coaches, 80% work on a voluntary basis. The majority are based at one rowing club and tend to coach between 0 to 5 hours per week. Most rowing coaches who responded coach juniors in a school or community club.

84% of current coaches hold some form of coaching qualification, with UKCC Level 2 Coach being the prevalent one. Support from other coaches, training (British Rowing courses, workshops and conferences) and getting feedback from rowers were mentioned as key ways to develop as a coach.

Coaches provided a range of reasons for being a rowing coach. The key reason was enjoyment, followed by seeing people improve and to support the club. Giving back to the sport, personal learning opportunities and the social environment were other important reasons to coach rowing.

“I regularly seek advice from other, more senior or better qualified coaches. This is neither structured nor formal, simply an opportunity to enhance my own knowledge from those who are happy to share theirs”

However, the lack of easily accessible technical information, support from clubs and regions, access to training opportunities and a lack of mentoring were seen as areas to improve going forward in order for British Rowing and the National Coaching Committee to effectively support the personal development of rowing coaches.

With a better understanding of the demographics, motivations and barriers towards coaching, the insight and recommendations from this important piece of research are now being used for key projects focused on:

  • Improving communications with and between coaches;
  • Improving support from regions and clubs; and
  • Providing a regional mentoring scheme.

British Rowing staff, together with the volunteers from the Regional Coaching Committees and the Regional Coaching Representatives, will be focused on these key projects for coaches going forward.

If you would like to find out more about the research findings from the coaching survey please email Marieke Bal, British Rowing Insight Manager.