GB J16’s win GB vs France Match

Great Britain’s Under 16 team won the annual GB vs France Match in Nantes, France, on Sunday 13th July.

The match comprises 13 races, seven for male and six for female crews. Each race won attracts a point and the overall winner is the nation with the most points. This year GB won the match by 10-3.

GB J16 girls replicated their performance at last year’s event by winning all six of their races, with Team Manager, CD Riches, saying: “This is clearly the strongest team of girls we’ve ever had. They won every race”.

The boys won their match 4-3 with the JM8+ and the JM4+ losing by tight margins – just a couple of feet . All races are scheduled to be raced over 1500m, however there was an adjustment made by the hosts which meant the finish line was actually around the 1350m mark.

CD was very positive about the event overall though and commented on the possibility of expanding the event next year, saying: “My hope would be to include an adaptive mixed doubles event”.

CEO of British Rowing, Neil Chugani attended the match and tweeted: “Congrats to the GB Rowing Team J16s who win the GB v Fr match 10-3, including clean sweep for GB Jnr women”.

One of the GB girls eight from Henley RC commented on the event as a whole, saying: “We had some great golden racing moments and a brilliant time ”.

Next Year Great Britain will host the match in London and we hope the 2016 return could be to the iconic setting of Versailles .


Junior Women’s Pair:

1. Great Britain 5:17.8
2. France 5:24.2

Junior Women’s Four:

1. Great Britain 4:50.5
2. France 4:59.8

Junior Women’s Eight

1. Great Britain 4:32.8
2. France 4:40.1

Junior Women’s Single sculls:

1. Great Britain 5:23.7
2. France 5:29.5

Junior Women’s Double sculls:

1. Great Britain 5:04.9
2. France 5:16.4

Junior Women’s Quadruple sculls:

1. Great Britain 4:43.0
2. France 4:57.5

Junior Men’s Pair:

1. Great Britain 4:43.5
2. France 4:45.1

Junior Men’s Four:

1. Great Britain 4:09.9
2. France 4:12.7

Junior Men’s Coxed Four:

1. France 4:24.7
2. Great Britain 4:25.4

Junior Men’s Eight:

1. France 3:58.2
2. Great Britain 3:58.6

Junior Men’s Single sculls:

1. Great Britain NTT
2. France NTT

Junior Men’s Double sculls:

1. Great Britain 4:34.8
2. France 4:36.5

Junior Men’s Quadruple sculls:

1. France NTT
2. Great Britain NTT