EERC seeks lost trophies

Organisers of the forthcoming Coronation Regatta in Windsor are asking rowing clubs to check their trophy cabinets for a haul of missing trophies.

The 11 missing trophies belong to Eton Excelsior Rowing Club, and were awarded to winners of the Windsor and Eton Amateur Regatta up until the late 1960s.

Organisers now hope to locate the missing silverware for presentation at the Coronation Regatta on 15-16 June at Windsor Castle.

“Some of the trophies are large and quite splendid,” said Thomas Wigley, Secretary of the Regatta.

“I’d like to ask all rowing clubs to search carefully through their trophy cabinets and archives to identify any of the missing trophies. Any hints or clues as to their whereabouts will be gratefully received.

“Ours is a sport with great traditions, and we would very much like to continue what our rowing forefathers started.”

Please send any information about the missing trophies to [email protected].

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