A Young Person’s Panel

British Rowing is setting up a Young Person’s Panel – an opportunity for young people between the ages of 16 and 25 to work together and provide ideas that capture the mood and priorities of young rowers, whilst also gaining valuable experience behind the scenes at a national governing body.

60% of British Rowing members are under the age of 25, and the views from the Young Person’s Panel will help to make sure that these young people get the best possible experience from their involvement with rowing. The panel isn’t just about ideas, but also how these ideas are put into practice and resourced.

The panel will come together two or three times a year for development days – days which will provide a combination of learning and development, alongside discussions about the sport and the role of younger people within the sport, capturing ideas and helping to formulate plans.

Panel members will not be required to have any specific qualifications or prior experience on youth committees, but will be excellent ambassadors for our sport, demonstrating a commitment to the development of rowing and the building of a stronger, more responsive British Rowing.

The Young Person’s Panel offers a unique opportunity for young people to help shape our sport. Its main aims will include:

  • Providing a forum through which young people can be encouraged, empowered and enhanced in helping to contribute to the development of our sport
  • Testing ideas in our next Whole Sport Plan, which will run from 2013 to 2017
  • Helping to shape British Rowing’s communications strategy, including how we use digital and social media to engage young  people (for example, initial sessions will include revamping the Student and Junior sections of the British Rowing website)
  • Working to define how the panel will work, and not to be constrained by current or historical committee structures

Have you got what it takes to represent your fellow rowers on the Young Person’s Panel? Send your contact details and a short submission – outlining why you would like to join the panel and what you think you can bring to the group – to [email protected].

Applications for the panel will close on 7th September.  A shortlist of candidates will then be invited to attend a development day at British Rowing.