Stratford to host Venetian rowing barges

Something very different will be happening again at Stratford upon Avon Boat Club’s fine boat regatta on Saturday 16 June, when the club welcomes City Barge rowing club back to demonstrate Venetian rowing in their elegant barges.

City Barge, based in Oxford, is an unusual rowing club – rowing in boats designed to deal with shallow lagoons and busy canals.


The boats allow rowers to compete on their feet, and facing forwards, producing a slower but more agile form of rowing than traditional British boats can accommodate.

‘This is so different to English rowing: their elegant boats and skilful rowing will make a real spectacle,’ said Regatta Secretary Jo Wyles. ‘Our plans for the regatta are speeding up and we’re finalising our sponsorship opportunities: any company or organisation that would like to sponsor a race should contact us on [email protected]..

For more information about City Barge and Venetian rowing, visit

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