New Div Rep for the Kent and Sussex Coast

The results of the recent Divisional Representative elections have been announced, bringing about a change of personnel on the South East coast.

[newsimage=0]Former South East Coast representative Bob Noakes has stood down, paving the way for Bexhill Rowing Club’s Phil McCorry to take up the mantle of Divisional Representative for Division 21b – Kent and Sussex Coast.

McCorry is Treasurer at Bexhill RC, and was awarded the freedom of Bexhill-on-Sea after winning the inaugural Woodvale Challenge Indian Ocean Rowing Race in 2009.

There have also been elections in the North East, Lancashire and Greater Manchester, West Midlands, South Anglia, Lower Thames & Medway, and Hants & Dorset.

In each case the existing Divisional Representative has been re-elected, so we would like to congratulate Barbara Millns (Div. 1, North East), Simon Darnbrough (Div.3a, Lancashire & Greater  Manchester), Chris Anton (Div.5, West Midlands), Matt Stallard (Div.20, South Anglia), John Clayton (Div.21a, Lower Thames & Medway), and Mike Green (Div.22, Hants & Dorset) for retaining their seats on the British Rowing council.

An election is yet to be held for the East Midlands Divisional Representative seat, with voting papers on their way to clubs and events this week.

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