Hampton Small Boats Head will run

Hampton Head

The race organisers say that the race is on tomorrow but it will be very, very cold and coaches should take note of the cold weather requirements set out below and on the Hampton Small Boats Head website.

Unless the forecasted conditions deteriorate, the race is on as scheduled. All crews and coaches should make themselves familiar with the boating schedule. This must be adhered to.


If your crew misses its boating slot without excellent reason they will not be allowed to race. This is to prevent crews marshalling for too long in the cold weather. We hope to keep all crews moving continuously as much as possible.

Coaches must ensure their athletes have kit suitable for the conditions. Any crew in unsuitable kit will not be allowed to race.

No competitor will be allowed to start the race in “skins” – it is after the race, when you are wet with sweat, and you are waiting to get off the water that you will feel at your coldest.

Crews and competitors must put on a warm layer of cover clothing as soon they are clear of the finish area.

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