New 50p Rowing Coin in Circulation for London 2012

Image of Olympic Fifty Pence Piece

A new 50p coin celebrating the sport of Rowing has been launched by the Royal Mint. The coin, which features a double scull and the words that represent the sport, is one of 29 designs that represent the 29 Olympic and Paralympic sports to be contested during London 2012.

The Rowing themed 50p was designed by Davey Podmore. Davey chose to design the Rowing coin because of his love of the sport. He felt that as a nation, it’s a sport we do really well in and provides some very memorable moments from past Olympics with the drama of boats slowly overtaking their opponents with some real nail biting finishes.

Commenting on his win, Davey said, “It’s the greatest achievement of my life, it’s just like winning an Olympic gold medal. I feel like I am not only part of the most amazing event to take part in this country for years, the 2012 London Olympics, but also a small part of the Royal Mint’s long history of design too. I just can’t wait to be given some change and realise the coin I designed is in my hand.”

Dave Knight, the Royal Mint’s Director of Commemorative Coin, said: “Every one of the winners is making history. Their coins will become treasured mementos of the biggest sporting event to happen on UK shores for over half a century and we hope will encourage a new generation of collectors.

“Every coin captures the spirit, excitement and passion of the Olympics and Paralympics. In isolation each is a work of art, together they are an inspirational portrait of a sporting phenomenon. The Royal Mint is immensely proud to be part of London 2012 and we’re thrilled that this competition has enabled the general public to play a part too.”

His Rowing creation is one in a series of 29 officially licensed London 2012 50p commemorative coins, designed by members of the public as lasting mementos of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Many designs had to be assessed and approved by the official Olympic sporting Association to ensure an accurate depiction of the sport was portrayed before the coin was struck.

Davey’s Rowing design will be found on millions of 50p coins in people’s change from this month, when the Royal Mint’s London 2012 50p series goes into general circulation. So look out in your change!

Alternatively a pristine uncirculated version of the Rowing coin is available to buy. Visit or call 0845 60 88 222 to purchase.