Classification opportunities for Adaptive Rowers

If you are a rower with a disability or physical impairment who enjoys competing you might be interested to know that British Rowing has set up a team of accredited medical and technical classifiers to help promote Adaptive competition.  The team is attending workshops around the country, with the support of UK Sport, as part of the drive to support and build Adaptive rowing and extend the opportunities for competition. 

Adaptive rowers can now attend these workshops to establish their racing classification.  British Rowing will then issue a rowing licence to members with their Adaptive status in one of the three following categories:

  • LTA – legs, trunk and arms
  • TA – trunk and arms
  • AS – arms and shoulders

These cover a very wide range of disability and if you would like further information please contact Maddie Millichap.  Once you have received your classification status and your racing licence you will be eligible to race at British Rowing events both in Adaptive and non Adaptive categories.

We have two workshops coming up at the following regatta venues;

  • Tees Primary and Adaptive Regatta on Saturday 7th August
  • Peterborough Regatta on Sunday 15th August

There is no cost for the classification and if you would like book an appointment please email [email protected]

To find out more download the Adaptive Rowing Classification Guidance.