Changes to CRB arrangements – July 2010

The CRB has introduced a new style form on which applicants can apply for an Enhanced Disclosure and for ISA registration.  Whilst this is a significant change, it is hoped that some of the difficulties encountered by those filling in the old form have been factored out.  The documentation required to establish an applicant’s identity remains the same, and details of how to complete these forms will be sent to CWOs shortly.  Guidance on how to complete the new form correctly is available on the Welfare page (link below).

From 30th June 2010, British Rowing will be supplying only these new style forms.  The deadline for receipt of any old (correctly completed) forms at British Rowing Head Office is Wednesday 7th July. Any applications received after that date, or incorrectly filled in applications still outstanding at that date, will need to be transferred by applicants on to the new style form.

Applications submitted on the new forms will not begin to be processed by the CRB until 26th July 2010, and then strictly in the order in which they have been received.  Therefore clubs and volunteers should be aware that there will be a delay in obtaining Enhanced Disclosures during the summer period.

Further information and guidance documents can be downloaded from our Welfare page