Oxford University Summer Eights Week

The Oxford University annual four day inter-college Summer Eights event starts tomorrow on the River Isis in Oxford.

What is Summer Eights?

Summer  Eights is a rowing event comprising four days racing from Wednesday to Saturday of 5th week  in  Trinity  term,  with  a  qualifying  session  (Rowing On)  held  the  preceding  Friday. This year Summer Eights will occur from the 26th May to 29th May.

Rowing On:

This is a timed race from Longbridges to Christ Church Meadow.  The event  is run as a processional race, with crews set off at regular intervals in divisions (subject to entry levels), between 1pm and 4pm.  The fastest crews covering the course then qualify for Summer Eights proper. 

Summer  Eights:

Racing  occurs  between  11.55am  and  6.45pm,  except  on Saturday when  the  first division  is at 10.55am and  the  last at 5.45pm.   The course  is upstream within  the stretch  from  Iffley Lock  to Folly Bridge.   Racing  is split  into 13 divisions, each of 13 boats,  racing at approximately 35 minute intervals.  The aim of racing is to catch up with the boat in front and gain a ‘bump’. Both crews involved in a bump move out of the way and cease racing.  Other boats must continue racing until the finish line.

The 2010 starting order

The start order can be found on the Oxford University Rowing Clubs website

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